Is the name of yesterday’s guardian angel. Eventually got myself on the right path out of Simancas. Straight up a hill, thought they were behind me on this section. Certainly not, before reaching Cignuela there were several more , about 300 m worth, enough to force a couple of cycling peregrinos off their bikes, to be fair they did have a trailer. Gravel roads with smallish (chip20 size stones) so not bad to walk on.  Scenery was very pretty even a few birds. Often hear and occasionally see , skylarks. 

Stopped in Cignuela, tiny village but had a main square, for coffee and and a piece of tortilla which did the already dodgy innards no good at all. Got over it and set off again. 

And wow, just out of C the Gothic fields started, just walked on and on, surrounded by green crops, lots of peas being grown. Some great cast iron sculptures along the way, they certainly stood out against the lack of background but sky. Weather was kind , but the road got harder with bigger stones, detected some Roman Road underneath at times. Huge tractors around and enormous paddocks, no small holdings here. 

Eventually came down a hill to the town of Wamba , named after a 5 A D Visigoth king, there is a statue (modern) of him at the town’s entrance.

There is also a church with a lintel stone engraved 1030 in Roman numerals. I sat and ate my lunch (stolen from brekkie) on the steps while waiting on Ascunsion who had been coerced by the receptionist in Simancas to collect me from the church.

What an energetic angel, we drove about 18 ks to San Pelayo where her Rural Hacienda is. Sooo glad I was collected had walked 17 ks and that was enough.

My room is lovely, four poster etc ( and a BATH) and last night she cooked vegetables!!!! Out of her own garden!!!!!

One couple from Argentina  also staying .Luckily the wife spoke English so Ascunsion and I managed to communicate thru her. Pleasant evening with good food. Breakfast was good too but the weather has gone gray bother it.

Yet another day off, this was my next planned one after Segovia…somehow Coca sneaked in. Have walked almost 200 ks but the test will be tomorrow with 24 ks to Medina de Roseco.