Apparently from here on ,from Simancas it becomes Tierra  de Campos, which is Gothic Fields which is meseta !!!

Translated all it means is a gigantic plain, wonder if there will be poppies.

Changed my mind re the train to Vallaodoid  as it was a lovely morning so set off for Simancas 17 ks away.

Contrary to what the guidebook said the section to Puente Duero was very pretty, long views, nice trees and lovely wildflowers. Even saw a tiny toad, tried to get a picture but have a blurred brown thing.

Arrived at Puente Duoro on lunchtime, workers one of 12 noon and stopped at the only bar. It is always the same, full of men who size me up, first they check out the red hat, then the boobs, then the face and you can see the let down, ugh, old face and the resumption of what they had been doing prior to my arrival. There is very little English spoken here, less than down south, so it is always a bit of a struggle to get coffee, food is ok , point language, paying is a bit of a drama if I cannot see the cash register….Guess where the bar is in this wild west town…

So after coffee and a roll set off on the last part to Simanca, eeek my hotel is 6 ks out!!!Not sure how that happened, blame the travel agent- me again.

Apparently a few of these sculptures over the next few days….

On arrival at Simanca stopped at a nice garden bar and asked if I could get a taxi, long and short of it, no!!! Asked nice man if he knew another hotel, yes, and it was close, he phoned the initial hotel and asked if they would collect me , no, they did not run a taxi service, sods, 35e down the tubes but would cost that for a taxi from the next town to collect me.

Set off for 45 e hotel, asked a girl with dog for directions , easy, next thing she is back with Dad, they asked if I wanted them to walk with me to the hotel, assured them I would be fine. Trotted up a long steep road , without swearing and realised I was not sure where to go, next thing a car pulls up, girl, Dad and baby brother, they insisted I get in!! I did and dammit lost one of my flash Scott gloves I was using as a pad on my fiery left shoulder!!! Anyway was nice of them to drop me off! Dad had cycled the Camino Frances a few years ago.

Hotel quite swish and the receptionist helped me sort out my next days walk to Wamba , walk 19 ks and get collected by next hotel! Expensive one so they will collect me!!!

Had dinner with two Brits in the hotel, good to speak English freely, first time in awhile. They were from Grimsby!!!

So a good day and perfect walking conditions.