Which means poos, bums and whatever.. my right knee has done/doing the dirty on me. It rained for much of today so until Castromonte about 12 ks , I kept to the road. Very little traffic but initially a steep 2k climb out of San Pelayo. Dear Ascuncion gave me a box of homemade bikkies to nibble along the way, she also gave me breakfast at 8 am so I was on the road by 8.20.

Made Castromonte in good time  and saw at least six big piggeries, very whiffy.

I had a coffee at the only bar in Spain that does not do food. Bought three nmandarins from a travelling vegie market, most expensive mandarins in the world 2.80e Then  a real surprise, from behind me came a beautiful Morgan car, and another and another. Weird thing was the male drivers were all late fifties plus and All of the women passengers were blonde and quite a bit younger!!! They were pissed off as they all had to back and fiddle about as three big trucks were trying to get thru the other way. I noticed one had Zamora Morgan Club  so maybe all 11 of them were Spanish. The cars were beautiful 

As it was starting/looking like clearing up I decided to go back on the yellow arrowed path. Walking on tar seal hurts the feet after a time. Mistake!!! Ended up with my boots having a 15 cm layer of clayey gunk underneath  them. Kicked it off by scraping vigorously  and kicking vigorously on every stone I saw worthy of the name. As far as I can tll that is where my knee said ‘enough you silly old thing, kicking and jumping is going too far’.

Eventually got onto one of the shingle roads that criss cross these plains and about 10 minutes later knee starting hurting. Tried to ignore it but it got worse  and descending into the villag of Valverde de Campos I was whimpering and knew I was done for at least temporarily.

Tried to contact the hotel for them to organise a taxi, only 5 k to my destination of Medina de Riosco, hopeless…. Spied some men outside a bar and asked them to call a taxi, one had a little Spanglish, they insisted it was only 5 k I snivelled and they realised I was not malingering  and immediately put me in their car, well one of them owned the car and drove straight to my rather manky hotel, 23e a night opposed to Acunscion’s 105e ( included dinner!!!) certainly a difference. Reeks of ciggies….

Found a farmacia and explained what had happened and showed her the anti inflammatories from the other day. Fine she said, two every six hours  and no walking  for a few days, shall see how I feel in the morning. A bugger as tomorrow is my last 24 k day as the next day is a grab a bus day and then that is the initial part of the Madrid Camino done. The rest is bits and pieces of other Caminos.

So started off a good day and until mid afternon despite patchy weather it was good. Would have been quite tough in fine weather as no shade at all!!

Medina de Rioseco is the capital of the Gothic Plains and looks very intetesting. Nice to be in a bigger place for a change!!! The pillars in the picture are wood!! There is also a famous canal here which I will hobble to in the am.