Have had telecom troubles, think I had used all my data, so on a sunday in Santander hunted out one of those odd techo shops that do everything, my phone defeated him, need a password. Found a vodafone outlet on my way out of Santander, she fiddled about and it goes again. Mainly no tv only spanish, so v reliant on my phone as i listen to national radio (nz)

Times are upside down but hey, who cares.

The hotel in Noja has been in the family three generations and golly the  grandaughter (30) who now manages it, knows her stuff. She had m e eating

out of her hand  after an initial snarl about being in a room with two beds…had a good view and the other bed was little and inoffensive.

I caught the bus to Santander, foot being nasty , grandaughter gave me a lift to the bus!!!

Noja is a seaside resort that at least has the sea as a focus, unlike place three, Santillana. People just prowl up and down the few streets lined with tourist shops. Lovely old church though, then i retreated back to the hotel, happy goldilocks, to listen to nat rad.

Santander is a city of 200k, in two parts really, the city part and the beach part . Some very smart hotels.

I stayed in a very happy goldilocks hotel with a fab view and BBC!!!!!!

Shops looked yum but were closed other than dodgy telco shop, just as well. Spain shuts down on a Sunday and they all go out for lunch…i actually got some food, tuna, fresh, well sort of…

So off to Tofianes tomorrow, about 10 ks according to hotelier who quite councidentally owns tomorrow’s bed as well.

Sorry forgot to put the cursor where I wanted photos..


1 view from room in Santander

2 menu stating piece of big cow hence tuna for lunch

3 strange decor of pot lids in lightwell in swish hotel

4 Drifting crowd of aimless people in Santilla

5 great 12c church in

6 A dragon eating someone in the cloister