Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Tineo with tinnitus

Well, had a nice ring to it…Mine host was going to Tineo but I resisted the temptation…got a lift to La Espina where aeons ago the the Inquistior General, sounds nasty, founded a hospital.A nice walk from there to Tineo, thankfully not as steep but about half was paved road. Think the camber at the side of the road with one foot often lower than the other contributes to a few aches and pains..Some nice forest though, collected a double acorn the other day , now a single so will not be coming home…

Tineo is a great trout fishing area and the van I saw in Grado with a trout on the side now makes sense, must be a commercial operation. Quite a few stone houses, well with all of it in the ground makes sense.

Made it into town with time to spare. Very few pilgrims around today, my shorter days put me out of sync. The fast ones are long gone and the next group is still  to catch up…

Bit sad about not making it to Santiago but have made it three times!!

I walked over 700 ks so quite pleased about that and conquered  the pathetic way I had started to stop on hills, just plodded on as I used to…

Plus managed a few high bridges over large expanses of water without  having a panic attack and wanting to jump in.

Did I find God, not really, but nature is pretty damn amazing and there are at least 12 French bulldogs in Spain. But a zillion Yorkshire terriers. Still not keen on food,the wonder drug for bp may not be so wonderful.

Waiting for the bus and so looking forward to the great bed at the Only You hotel.

Have tomorrow  at least in Madrid so will revisit Guernica at the Reina Sofia gallery plus there is a Picasso exhibition on.

May even sneak in a shop!!!!

Home soon, just waiting on Sue to confirm…

Buggered up the pikkies..arrow of stones was a novel new guide..

one of the thirteen, Brutus!!!

First picture if you look carefully is a kennel complete with shade and barking dog. Weather was nice today, bit cooler.

Nice stream but nay trout

Two overgrown dogs

Bridge from days ago!!!


  1. So dear Kiwi Margaret,
    Where the hell are you right now???
    Am planning the Levante (or part thereof, Toledo has an appealing clarion call) next year but don’t think I can face the Sanabrian hills again so soon, a jump up to Ferrol and back down to SdC has a certain attraction. Please don’t leave this little roo in suspense, would love to know where you are and that you’re safe…!!
    Metta B

  2. Dear Roo, went home a few days after that post…
    Have now recovered my mojo and planning on the walk from Madrid to Santiago next May and may finish the primitivo
    THEN will fly to New York across to Las vegas and tour some if the national parks
    Well that is the plan

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