Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Sublime to the Ridiculous or vice versa


Friday and Saturday 4/5 August

Left my funny little pension just after 7 am knowing it was going to be hot. Met Claus from Denmark who teaches English and Danish in Barcelona!! Was a lawyer but got fed up with it…

Climbing up out of San Vicentede la Barquera  had stunning views of Pico de Europe. Plus very attractive, very rolling (steep) fertile farmlands, cows in barns of course and some good looking cats, not the usual skinny ones. Then, along came two kiwis, they heard my voice talking to Claus and of course picked up on it. Robin and ?Richard ?Wilson of Te Awamutu. They all left me far behind on some nasty hills but we kept catching up thru the day. Got Robin a nurse , to look at my foot, soft tissue damage was her verdict. Good oh, just take drugs!!

Met a Belgian at one of the convenient😍 cafes along the way, called Dries, he carried 15 kg including a tent which he used most nights. He is planning on opening an Alberque along the Camino next year…

Some interesting people today,but it got hotter and hotter ,staggering up the last hill into Unquera, I doubted I would make it..had drunk over a litre if water too. Staggered to the top, a village , mad people living on top of a hill, collapsed onto a marble area below some stairs. Lay there for about 20 mins, drank some more water and slowly came right. After the descent it was absolutely flat into the town.

Dries came along and walked with me into Unquera(forgotteable town) , he made sure I knew where my hotel was!! Met the kiwis again, we were all moving as a loose bunch today!

Rest of the day unmemorable, lunch, zz, etc etc. Tend to be asleep by 8.30 pm but this was Friday night,  woken up by drunken shouting Spaniards off and on till 4.30 am.

I had preordered a taxi the day before for 10 ks as 25 ks in the heat was not a goer.

Next Day…

was pissing with rain, great big heavy wetting drops!!!

Destination was Llanes pronounced urons…supposedly very lovely. Dropped off in the middle of nowhere, this part supposedly very scenic, hills/sea/blowholes etc etc Could see nothing very much at all. In the Sierra Plana de Cue area.

Met an Italian man who had walked over the Dolomites , daft!

Finally out of the fairly wild barren area into the little town of Andrin, coffee, frittata , life worth living again..until just out of town an enormous hill, sigh. Next little town of Cue, also very cute, more coffee, then a choice, road or muddy track, no choice…Finally stopped raining but only about 15c

Very quickly arrived in Llanes, heaving tourist town..hotel which cost 175e A NIGHT, a treat, ha, a tired old 1990 relic, I made my disappointment plain…lesson, book days off in little places. Costing more than Madrid!!!Much muttering about peak time, check out Las Rocas hotel, think it only shows the view!

So two days over 30 ks , two extremes,lazing around today, Sunday in my featureless room!!






  1. Good to have some vague, on and off company. Where is the damn supermarket and a kilo bag of almonds!

  2. Hi Gorgeous – glad your still in one piece except for your foot. You seem to have ages to go so walk carefully. I need to find a map so I can plot your adventures. Missing Coop? Stay safe luv Karen xx

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