Well, the weather was all misty and damp. Had my Hobbit posing as a firewoman in my red poncho to start the day. It is a bit long, touched my boots but shoryening it with my nail scissors is a bit of a challenge. I tuck it in which adds to the overall glamour.  Luckily I only needed it for the first k or so. Only notched up 12 ks , foot ok, bit sore, nothing drugs will not help.

So, short walk today to Tonanes, the sister 17C hotel of the one in Santillana. Booked separately so that was a surprise, owned by two very suave brothers.

Got passed by lots of men and a few youngish girls, well , two plus the smoking queen from days ago. She does not know about my secret weapon, public transport.

Pleasant countryside, not quite as steep but a few puff making hills.

A beautiful church with an unpainted walnut alter piece,17C , St Martins of Ciguuenza, actually open with a guide on hand. Cost me a couple of euros..

I am off the Camino with this stay and as I was walking the opposite way to the road with the Camino markers, a car pulled up alongside me, man (old like me) asked if I knew I was going the wrong way, replied saying where I was going. He offered me a lift, well it was only about 1 k….

Hotel v pleasant, had a nice lunch, peppers stuffed with hake, did not need the creamy sauce, then green beans with garlic, yum but a bit too much oil.

Lunch was about 2 , so zzz, then read then spent a frustrating hour trying to get future accommodation, ouch!!!

The two pictures are of very rural. A few nice coloured cows plus little mounds of grass. Why you may ask, well around the corner were two men with big weedeaters, one man with a rake and one man with a blower cleaning grass off the road. I guess the grass is collected and fed to stock as a treat?

Another short walk tomorrow to Comillas, some Gaudi stuff there.