Said the frog to the scorpion  when the latter hitched a lift across a creek and bit him before the bank…

Well, Hotel Jardin de Eugenia should have alerted me. Next stop after Nueves, day dawned bright and clear, cows in the next paddock had brought themselves down to the lower paddock, next time I looked about 6.50 am they had gone but for a solitary heifer…

So on the road for  Ribadsella by 7.15. Obedientally followed the Camino signs and did not follow the road sign that said R etc  was 10 ks away and walked thru cow pats, mud and puddles to a  Albergue  in Cuerres hoping for coffee, nada… 15 ks later…

But met my lovely kiwis again. They had enjoyed a great Camino night in an alberque  just after Nueve  with a real united nations, a Pole, injured foot, know how he feels, a Czech girl and ? plus them.

Anyway we trotted on, many big puddles on the back ways this  am after the rain yeaterday, bikes make it so much worse… Rained now and again just to keep us awake…

I was definitely slightly seedy after demolishing over a wet afternoon  a yummy bottle of temparillo rose.,. Well it was wet.,

But managed the few hills without stopping, did bribe them  once with hazel nuts and jelly babies, Richard was onto me.. We arrived at a very grumpy bar , did not like packs and wet gear over the place even though we spent an average of 5e each.   Pereginos inject millions into the economy but are treated quite often v badly. Some little bar owners are great but some are just awful. Mind you most Spanish are not good in the am

I just leave now in the mornings  having made arrangements the night before to just go…they like it, one less for brekkie. Means I have to organise my own my lunch rather than steal it,

usually in the am have a piece of fruit , some water to wash down the various drugs then about two hours walking later, a bar , and have tortilla, I have called them frittatas and very strong coffee.

So sadly left my kiwi friends and found my tres twee hotel. mrs speaks some English, Mr just acts arrogant.

He and I had sort of words about my question about

my next stop, he was so rude that as

new customers walked in I said’I hope you speak Spanish as you will get no help otherwise.. and stamped out

Found a restaurant for lunch, 2pm, no seats and they hate solos anyway. Waited a time then they gave me a seat (and table) facing into the door. Suddenly there were hordes of Spanish waiting for tables, must have been three deep around the bar, restauranter

Handed out numbers, mine was 10,I saw 20’being handed out, I munched on…

Pretty ordinary food, salad, pork snitzel and chips (classic white food) then a choccy thing plus water, wine and bread all for 14e. Hence the numbers I guess. Back to Mr Grumpy.NZ 210 Mr Grumpy!!!

T always hated trendy little hotels, must say the big big chains  usually pull it off. Out of here at the crack of light, about 7.10 for a place I am not sure where it is in relation to the camino  so shall just walk N634,,

Just hope the door is unlocked..

Despite all that Ribadesalls is an attractive little town at the mouth of a nameless river…plus it has famous neolithic caves which I guess all the grumpy kids get dragged to…


1, Someone imitating Agustin Ibarrolo just out of


2.View along the river ? at Ribadesalls

3. Stunning view of carpark from my room.