‘The’ beach at Gijon , note the tiny Camino sign on the post.

Seaside houses, that is all there is the rest are huge apartment blocks

Pipe band in Orivedo

My hotel, honestly..

Then it is only160 ks BUT have a trip back to Santander to catch up with David who is over here near me in Cartes from 22-26. Then I will decide on my next move. To Primitivo or not… Met a Spaniard this morning, about my age but tres fit, who looked me up and down and said’Si Senora you can do it’

Said very steep but very tranquil, yeah all the pilgrims are lying collapsed along the route.

Have noticed the body odour around a lot of the younger ones is really bad. Caught a bus from Avilles this am to avoid a 39 k day, did 10 on the bus  and foreshortened the end as well, well it is a v steep .

Anyway I was amazed at the number of pilgrims on the bus, most quite young and none got off with me…think the distances done on this one per day are much shorter as there is a shortage of the dormitory type accommodation(shortage everywhere else as well!  )

Also heard….aaah the Camino grapevine…there is quite predatory behaviour by some of the young men…

BUT I managed the hills so much better today, a nasty one seemed straight up for 50 metres then gradual for 200m, I was not quite greyhound like but much better.

Walk was pleasant, not too much road walking and overcast as well, think I now prefer rain to sun…

Some trivia

Bougainvillea is everywhere, the purple one is draped all over houses.

Had a really pleasant four days off, two in Gijon and two in Oviedo.

Had a good half day in Aviles, despite the pollution is an interesting city. Nice old central square, a fishing quarter so called but now just has a lot of fish restaurants plus some intetesting old houses.

Suggested to the hotel receptionist that his hydraulic lift needed bleeding..He looked most impressed and called maintenance, it was not whistling when I returned three hours later, thank you Terry. Murray , it was a Rae lift..

When lost ask a street cleaner they know the streets. Never seen such regularly cleaned streets.

Have learnt to be cautious with tortillas, if raw looking egg in the middle do not eat…

coca cola is 2.20 a glass, wine often only a euro

They all smoke!!!

Man playing strange instrument in Aviles

Me after living on Spanish food

Backstreet in Avile

Lady trumpeter in Avile