Thanks to Vodafone. Now using the hotel’s address and it is great, Orange, which I used a couple of years ago, will be changing back to it. Went down to the village of Figuera for lunch and my internet was hopeless, so screw ’em…

The last few days since Soto de Luina have been very  pleasant, warm, some nice walking, not too much road walking and reasonable accommodation. I even had a massage, much needed after a killer hill. Never had persperation dripping off my nose before.

Met a local farmer at the top of the hill who laughed at the sight of a dripping me. Spoke to others who all agreed, killer stuff.

Interesting  the next day, having coffee outside the reasonably pleasant hotel I was staying at in Queras, loads of walkers arrived from everywhere, and this was the morning I was sneaking off for ten ks in a taxi to Luarca, still 18 to go. Anyway it rippled around about the taxi and two girls asked to come with me. The peer pressure was so great one decided to walk and she was hobbling from the previous days hill, daft!!!!Hotel was the first coffee stop after the alberque lurking further back.

If anyone asks how I made such good time I just say I used astral travel!!! Many of the group that morning were millenials, race to get to Santiago, tick, done that, next… I asked a young Irishman if he had noticed the hens living under houses in the rural areas and cows living in barns attached to houses, of course not! Thought the smell may have alerted him!!!

Spaniards do not seem to come out of their morning inertia until about 10 am. I was chatting to two nice German sisters who said in the Albergues they are going to bed as the Spaniards are going out for dinner. On a Sunday when they all go out for lunch they do not arrive until at least 2.30, just as I am leaving!!!

At the hotel Blanco , in Navia where I had the massage , they had a formal dining room. Wow, what a menu, meant to photograph it but got waylaid. Had lunch in the less formal cafetetia and that was some of the best food I had eaten this trip. White anchovies on half baby gem lettuces with a tomato vinegar dressing , followed by my fave, octopus served on lovely boiled potatoes..😃

Unfortunately the waitress was extraordinarily grumpy!!Managed to get a smile but honestly….

So lounging about now until Tuesday in this nice hotel, ah hardship then bus back to Santander to see the English Parkers.

Back on the trail from Oviedo on27/28 yet to finalise the start of the Primitivo epic.


1. Fern/bracken under pines , could be NZ

2. Cyclists chop up the paths

3.Sideways view of houses on the bank of the river in Luarca

4.What a busy motorway at 8.30 am on a Sunday morning.