Before it bucketed down with rain again..20 ks by my reckoning. Scrambled out of Llanes by 7.10…for the next 25 minutes saw all sorts of Peregrinos scrambling out of hotels,hostals and one said everything was so full he had to sleep on corrugated cardboard on a church floor!!!!

There was a recent film on German t v about the Camino del norte and this influx of walkers is predominately young Germans..

Must mention my day off in Llanes…slept till 9.30!!! Then phaffed  about, shower , hair(A BLOWDRYER!!!) then marched off back the way I had come into Llanes to the Don Juan Hotel,had seen a really good menu, checked it out made a booking for 1 pm and duly reappeared.23e for three courses plus wine and water. Two great courses. Salad with octopus ,prawns and little dribblings of caviar (type of!!!) plus a swanky cake and sorbet dessert but not too sure about big cow chop. Next time I will stick to fish…

However it all helped with the energy level today.

Llanes was a place where the people who had made money in South America (Indianos) came to late 18c and early 19c and built  yummy houses. Photos included somewhere…Some are still beautifully maintained,some are apartments ,some are slowly decaying.Most have palm trees in their gardens, one had a cabbage tree. How indigenous to us are they

Also dragged myself out after the big lunch to visit the art work by Agustin Ibarrola, a Basque  born in 1930? He painted ,probably late 60s ,could not find a date, a heap of the huge blocks that get placed at the bottom of sea walls. They look better in the Google pictures than now as they are quite faded. Were stunning. He also painted tree trunks, rocks…

Todays mission was  Nueva , lovely mix of mountain views,top peaks shrouded in cloud, and sudden snapshots of beaches  while rolling merrily along. Amazing what a day off and a ‘big cow chop’ does to one. The beaches have been a huge surprise, lovely white sand and they just seem to go on endlessly .Not sure how warm the water is but always people in the water.

Met up again with my lovely kiwi pair and walked for a couple of hours with them , I stopped in Nueva and they were going on further. Last day for them, bus to Gijon then home.. So nice to be able to talk and know the context is understood….

Saw a farmyard full of lovely black pigs and black chooks,about half an acres worth,all happy as the proverbial pig….

Flower chat has been slim, lovely hydrangeas, pink mainly,plus luvvy dahlias but all the little wild flowers have been pushed out by echium ,dandelion  and scruffy daisies. Saw some gentians up in the hills one day.

Home orchards are full of apples and pears with at least a month to go. Now in Asturia which regards itself as cider territory. Been thru Cantabria  was Castille and left Basque territory quietly gnashing its teeth.


Indianos houses.. The little leaning blue house was the gate house for the big blue.I walked thru a village called Poo

A ruined 14c monastery.