If it says in the guidebook that it is 10 ks from where you are to where you are going, almost guarantee it will be anything from 2 to 6 ks more.

Firstly they measure from  town exit to town entrance.

I left my old pile of stones with a 10 k or less walk in front of me. I arrived in Comillas, lovely seaside town heaving with people, asked a young woman where Hotel Mal was, down the steps to the beach and across there she said vaguely pointing to the other side of the bay. Hot as hell by now, I went down the steps, across the other side, stopped at a cafe for a lemon drink and a frittata, asked for directions, nada, no idea.

Asked again before I left, young girl there then….she pointed across the bay, back where I came from.

Damn, up the stairs, and up more stairs and more, finally at 1.30 after arriving in the town at noon I made it to my hotel. Ks done,16!!!!

Walk was quite good, a bit of puff and a seriously dramatic view. Came round a corner and there were the Pico de Europe. Wow, they reach 4000m and think the Camino Primitivo cuts thru some of the National Park of zillions of acres. They were the first sight returning sailors from the Americas saw, hence Peaks of Europe.

Have got my accommodation lined up till Monday, trying for 10/12 k days hoping the foot holds out.

Staying at a seriously beautiful place tomorrow night called San Vicente De La Barquera, has the Picos as a backdrop…mmm more uppsys????

Saw where the grass from yesterday went  on my way out this am.

The loneliest naked lady in the world.

An interesting Camino sign that has started appearing incorporating the templar cross.

Cutesy little village, being gentrified, heard the English voices…