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Count your kilometres

…before you book. Have just spent two evenings trying to book the Camino Primitivo. Got close to Santiago  about a 100 ks out and absolutely no accommodation so thought sod it and skipped a town. Of course I forgot that you must walk the last 100  ks into Santiago…To get your luvvy certificates does not matter about the hundreds of Ks before…

The accommodation will be taken up by all those who only do 100 k.

I am only two nights shy of having booked the  Primitivo so that is good , I think…..




A really nice path for about a hundred yards but to be treasured, not muddy or steep

They quite like blue houses

Had a beautiful walk today some parts v steep but some glorious distance views, google says 7 floors and 16 ks.

Not much road walking between El Pito and Soto de Luina. Lovely little villages , saw one man going out with a scythe…Said my father had one, he got v chatty and we decided in Spanglish they are better than  weedeaters

He only had about four teeth.

Managed lunch at 2.30, sort of over deep fried or maybe pressure cooked then fried, chicken.

Horrors !!!!!I am sharing a bathroom with about seven people!!!A woman cyclist about my age appeared about 4.30 when the woman in the office was ringing two of the Primitivo places for ne, Spanglish does not work on the phone…No rooms but mine host organised a room in a private house..

Sunny today but I will not moan as up 7 floors there is a bit of breeze..

28 ks tomorrow so taxi at 7.45 for first 10!!!!

  1. Beach at bottom of long valley

2. Bridges at top or near top of valley

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  1. So the next part is on as well. Well done with just the 100ks to go. The Primivito will no doubt be fun too. You will miss the hills when you only have Mound oops Mount Maunganui when you get back!

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