Astral travelled with Elsa bus for the first 5 ks, suburbs,remember I do not do them on foot. Still managed to do 20 ks.I was fine until 2 ks out of Grado then the sun came out and although I had drunk plenty of water when I asked in Spanglish where my hotel was  and the response was at least another k up hill , my heart sank  and I thought bother it ,so politely, I will just go back and get the taxi I saw.Wasn’t a taxi ,was a driving school car…Fell on a poor defenceless  man and begged for a lift,he happened to be coming out of a driveway. He was very nice and carried my pack across the road for me.

Fantastic, would have carked on the road if he had not taken me to the hotel. Offered menu de dia, you get what you are given here, managed the soup but the stew, chips and salad was too much, nearly went face down in it..Staggered to my room and snoozed for a time…Dammit missed my meal. Should have snoozed then eaten…No coffee today, who knows where the cafes were that the guidebook said existed, plus two were shut on Mondays.

The walk. Well only saw about 8 pereginos,one man all but ran past me..everyone else just walked passed me..Definitely moved back a few years in this area,saw another scythe and in use.

Scenery is lovely, very green and very damn hilly. Some nice off road walking but at least half has been dodging cars on the road. Spaniards love speed,who was the famous racing driver?

Lotsa dead frogs squashed on the road,plus snails indulging in snail sex.

just before Grado noticed lotsa leaves on the ground, bit further on beans on frames with all the leaves ripped off,  any vegies, tomatoes etc all leafless ,all apples all over the ground. Hotel owner said had been hailstones size of tabletennis balls….but it was very localised

My bp has been trying to explode me from the inside,I do not need a terrorist…very helpful chemist in Cartes sorted it out.

1.Dear wee church 15C

2. Two tortisoes , one demented in the corner, on someone’s terrace. Hoping they will be stolen?

3.Lovely place  for walking

4. Shredded beans