Set off before 8 am as it promised to be hot. Real risk for me as all food stores are gone apart from some jelly babies…

Saw some Gaudi stuff on the way out of town worth a further visit. Followed three other walkers who eventually disappeared along with my route..In a state of indecision at the end of a bridge, neither name meant anything much.So waited for more walkers and just followed them. Was supposed to be a town about now with coffee and food!!!

On and on, luckily on the coast and past and thru a large wetlands area called Oyambre.

Surfers were here in their droves, loads of camper vans from NZ home built types to v trendy but all with surfies aboard. AND surf schools everywhere, golly I do not know how they have the nerve as it wasn’t until nearly at San Vincente etc etcthat there was some almost decent surf, well something that could be called surf. Poor sods in years to come kids who walked a surfboard into the water will come to Raglan and ¥#^?!{

Stopped at a cafe at the top of a long long hill, not open, saw the man arrive, gave him timethen knocked on his window, >~%# was his gesture..Been up three hours and no coffee!!!And no food!!!

About six militant walkers knocking on his window, nada!!! A German couple gave me two meusli bars after I said I was starving, they said they had to go one day until lunchtime without food! Suspect her time in NZ prompted the food offer, scoffed one right away. Yesterday was a disastrous food day,frittata about noon for brekkie then a snooze and a few wines and a packet of crisps plus a few jelly babies(from NZ) wonder I was hungry…

Saw the walk/road into San etc etc and decided to walk the beach, lovely. Came off the beach thinking I was in town, but 2 ks to go…had coffee though.

Usual run around to find my pension, no hotel, then near to food so out for Plat du jour.

Should always be careful of languosteins on a 15e menu, suspect by the latter damage they were vintage…piece of chewy steak plus luvvy chips and a miniscule desert plus a mini carafe of red vinegar, sorry wine.

A snooze, a bit of washing, a bit of moaning about my foot, swollen by this stage…may have to find a dr.😗Sticking/trying to anyway, 12 ks a day, which ends up about 16…

Have 500 ks to go!!!!

First picture this am

2.Eastbourne style house

3. Seriously big beetle

4. More Eastbourne houses

5. House for sale, 500E

6. Picture of moi taken by by a Kiwi woman’s Spanish father-in-law

  • Gaudi architecture