Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

A bus trip…

Paint your succulents and below,three different styles of architecture,oldest said 1906,one in the middle.


Lovely morning, but one to lounge around, still gnawing away at the Camino Primitivo idea… checked the steepest part of the Via de la Plata, 920 m , does two years make a lot of dufference,….steepest part of the Primitivo is 990 m but the next day is similar. Biggest issue is the 990 day is a 30 k day too. I am trying to find some accommodation in the middle,place called Barcia…no reply but plenty of time…Two  of the joys of the harder route would be no trucks and fewer people…

Had a long chat with the owner of El Babu, it is very trendy, very moderne…she owns it with her parents, been there eight years…desperate to sell. July pays the debts, August pays the mortgage and any little bits the rest of the year feeds them.

Anyway lept on the bus at Carrales for the hour plus journey to Hohon  which is how the locals pronounce Gijon. All good,5.50E….stayed good until a very well dressed woman lept on and saw my pack occupying a seat and had to sit with a smelly young man across from me…she huffed and puffed then pounced on my pack and threw it at my legs!!!. Hang on, Hang on says I knowing full well she had already brought up a welt right across my left shin,damn her… I  checked and she had, they take days to go…wrangled my pack between ny legs and pushed her over a bit…much huffing and puffing but obviously I was preferable to the young man. He was not as pongy as the old man behind me!

So much for well dressed women travelling on buses…

Been meaning to mention the bread deliveries..little vans go around the villages and leave what must be pre ordered bread on the front door. I remember once in Portugal thinking how kind the hotelier was to leave about 10 bread rolls in a bag on the counter for me. Night before having been told my departure was too early for breakfast…rolls kept me going for days…

Sadly said goodbye to the kiwis, Robin and Richard in Ribasella, we managed to meet three times!!!

Gijon has a population of 250, 000 and seems quite prosperous. Nothing taller than about 7 storeys..I am on the sixth floor of a featureless hotel, clean, well positioned near the centre.

Nice harbour area, and two good beaches.Off to Oveido tomorrow,2.50 E….about an hour…think it is more historical certainly has significance in Camino history as the first,9C caminos seemed to start from there…

Man practising playing his trumpet (badly) on the Gijon headland.


Mad  but luvvy civic flowers

Camino goes along the beach

Not sure if these are the houses Jackie…a few oldies left along  the beach…


  1. Comments from a fitter Margaret…..takes a bit coming off that awful lurgy you had. The bus etiquette is funny coming out from the city to Petone too. Pack on knee seems to keep me out of trouble most of the time but have noticed that my big coat draping on to next seat puts people off sharing a seat….

  2. I was obviously first in line recently, but obviously not a local so this old bugger just started another line, I was the villian when I pushed in… Bus service has been good though,better than rural France, anything is better than rural France’s local bus service, there is not one!!!

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