Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Wet as….

Set off about 10 am after being dropped off by nice taxi driver…

Dinner last night, pretty good, grilled veg, a huge plate, almost like our roast veg but no taties, then a very smart risotto, mushroom in octopus broth…would have liked a few tentacles.

But it was all a bit slapdash, no woman in charge…

Breakfast was not nemorable….

so off I set…20 k plus, feet still dodgy, weather dodgy, but not quite crawl under the bed day…

warmish, about 20c

so, up the mount twice, last uppy over 500m , i hate hills….However there was some lovely walking today, by a stream, over a Roman bridge but thankfully no Roman roads..Some nice forest walking, actually manky old pines but pleasant with fern undergrowth.

There are lots of gum acres as well, love the smell

Lot of forestry being cut…, some of the skid sites look v dodgy..

Wildlife, a baby robin hopping around, a few swallows , a lovely black hawk and a big black beetle!!!

Lotsa horses, big solid quarter horses.

So managed all the uppys and downys, the Searles would have been proud of the sideways downhill traverses…Until, in sight of  Gernika and on a concrete stretch but v steep, i went over with a wallop, thought my leg was broken but just underneath me. Apartment blocks all around but nobody saw it or wanted to be involved!!!

I checked m yself out, could move, was annoyed(very)😡So had to take my pack off while sitting on the ground,remove hobbit cape, sit up, roll over onto hands abd knees and wobble up…very undignified but very very lucky😃, just dignity hurt really..

I gingerly made my way into central Gernika. Tried to imagine while getting there what people in the surrounding hill villages heard while the bombing in 1937? or was it 39 was going on,wiped out the city…

Self catering dinner, too stuffed to wait up till 8.30.

Pensione Ok, towel territory.


Last nights vegies

Nice path

Typical house  style

200 m of walkway!!!!

Camino in Basque

Cannot fault the signage, and walkways for goodness sake!!!!

But next time God do an easier section for gold card holders….

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  1. You are missing the serious rain here but no doubt catching up on Radio NZ.
    Good to see the tracks well marked and mostly safe……yes, the flat walk option would be good ….

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