Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Silly old thing…

I sort of realised last year that there were not many woman my age if at all on the walks….noticed but took no notice..

Yesterday on another of the interminable walks on N634 I climbed with great difficulty, hanging on to a sign post with feet swinging at one stage,up onto the piece of bank which supports the netting keeping the rocks from falling on the road. Rocks just push the netting supposedly keeping it off the actual road.

I  got about 150 m along this bank before it became impassable…rocks pushed it to the edge and I was about 1.5 m high, oh well nice try, turned around and went back to the start of the rock protection area and made my precarious way back down, there was one step!!.

Walked the road, twitching at every bend…

Today’s reminder of age was on the heach at Laredo, lovely long golden beach, 5 km ,not much surf but then I am not a surfer. Gentle rolling sea is good!

However at the end of the Laredo beach to avoid a long  long walk you catch the Santona ferry off the beach. I was dreading it, gave a young girl my poles to carry on and I scrabbled up the ramp. Much relief I made it reasonably easily.

On the Santona side there was a wharf but the tide was on its way out..I made two attempts to haul myself up the tyre and onto the wharf,the tyre acted as a step, but my legs are short and I am hauling an extra 6.5 kg…on my back!!! Deck hand realisd one gentle hand from him was not going to cut it after attempt 1 so he hauled me up, touch and go but I made it and he never fell over backwards!..

But!!!!the most embarassing thing came next, half a step was missing on the way up the wharf to land, no way in hell I could get up it, needed a shove from behind, paused and waited for a suitable victim, a couple actually, they were great, virtually frog marched me up the offending step and all the rest till dry land!!! Felt silly and old and inflexible, it is the inflexibilty that gripes me..

Twenty minutes later walking past the local prison in Santona, looked like a palace, my right foot suddenly bit me!!! Near a bus stop so got a bus for last 4 ks..flat today which was quite a relief.

Managed a sedate 14 k before the foot dragon bit…Gosh getting a bus is thing, I never have a clue which side of the road I should be far have managed with a bit/lot of local assistance.

Visited a chemist when I got to Noja  pronounced Nohow …strained muscles in foot rest it!!!

While humting for a farmacia saw a big group of oldies pour out of a restaurant, mmmm maybe I would still rather be risking limb and muscle and dignity..

Yes, going to rest for two days in Santander. Goldilocks has quite a nice bed here….


Last nights Burgos sausage was black pudding, I ate it!

Lovely window in Liendo

Ling long beach in Laredo, no car access until a street back from beach

A roller blading lady, lotsa roller blading

Two dogs of a certain breed with the boarding zone for the ferry behind them

Saw a poor wee Frenchie today with paralysed back legs, like he had suffered a stroke.

Lovely beach at Laredo but all the dog owners let their dogs poo there and just walk on..



  1. Stop giving your self a hard time, you are out there……..what were our mothers doing at this age?! You have a huge amount of strength and prob give some of those helpers something to talk about at the end of their days too.
    PS……rest means rest!! Look after those little feet.

  2. Garry and Jan

    July 31, 2017 at 4:04 am

    Hi Margaret….Just caught up with all your daily doings while waiting for our lunch to cook.
    Sounds like an interesting time – in spite of the blisters.

    keep safe and well , luv J nG

  3. Thanks for that

  4. Not as varied as your travels but each day brings a new challenge..wet slippery cobbles

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