Left the totally blah hotel in Gernika   by 8 am  having never seen a person, all done electronically from a machine at the door !!!!

Then slogged up and up  to apparently according to !the book’ 835 m . Met a couple I had had a drink with in Itziar a few nights ago,they were walking part of the way, told them not to wait for me as I am the slowest women in the world on hills.

Lots of pine forests and seriously steep. I have a new blister on a toe but it behaved all wrapped up and snuggled in wool.

No breakfast from the automaton but it was on offer for a cost from various machines..no thanks, had obe of Davids mueslibars and a large plum keeping a nectarine and mandarin for later. Food as usual becoming an issue, too tired to hang around till 8.30 so bought a jar of tuna and a carrot!!!!Plus wine which I could not finish!!

Paid for it today, no energy! Had some more brekkie from an enterprising lady running a stall in her garden, cup of instant coffee, who cares!! And she made me some tostada!!Plus she was selling bits and pieces  including hazel nuts so bought some for later!! 4 e and she let me use her loo.

Slogged on and on, more damn uppys and one nasty muddy downy. There are about 20-30 people go thru a day so two wet days and anywhere there is seepage soon turns to bog. Some glorious mountain scenery though, huge huge forestry plantings in various stages.

Stumbling along about 2.30 plotting how I could get a taxi at town 5 ks from Lezama when a young couple chatted to me, they had a CAR!!   Took a time for me to make my wishes clear, they were happy to and drove me to my hotel..I was soooo pleased as I was quite stuffed.

i chose the hotel thinking I would get a good Sunday lunch as have tomorrow off, dammit, as well as being ks out of Lezama they only do brekkie. He is going to take me to a local restaurant tonight!!

Hazel nuts for tomorrow!

This route is seriously tough but looked ahead and the next few days come down to 250-300 m








The brown sign in Basque translates into Camino de Santiago.

The wee sculpture brought Terry to mind

My sumptious repast eaten out of the jar with my new knife!!!