Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Northern Spain for a change

On my way, well about 10 ks in, somewhere out in the wilds near Zarautz. I was going to be clever and put my  pikkies in but the damn thing wants the last word.

Just after this was taken by my new best Korean friend we walked down hill on Roman Road for over a kilometre, very hard on the feet.

weather is perfect for walking, about 24 but with a sea breeze…

The scenery is beautiful with high blue hills and deep blue the usual stinky cows in barns. Seems prosperous but no huge castles or large country houses..

Food is not bad, could exist on the tapas, some interesting bits and pieces…Currently I am on my third half of beer, got v thirsty beating along today.

Was better at times than I expected a nd higher than expected. Thank heavens I did as much up my little hills, thank you Cooper…

so over , just, 20 ks and golly my wee feet know it.

Tomorrow is only 9 ks as going to Geteria where the Balenciaga museum is.

Golly they are not great at customer service at 6 pm after a long day…oh yes, only three rooms before perfection,1 was by the lift, next  had a small bed that would never do. So thank you Goldilocks, third bed  was fine.

only real drama was my pack not arriving until two days after me.

And the Prado and Thyssen- Bornemiza are maintaining their standards just in case you were worried. 40 plus in Madrid.

will try a few more pikkies, will include stinky cows, luvvey donkeys and heaven knows what else



  1. Well there you are…on the road again!! Pleased to hear that your usual “adventures” with sorting the right bed continue….what else is there to do in the evening before a usual Spanish dinner at 10pm. Have fun, well done with the pics. J

  2. I have been very polite in Getaria….
    Weather seems to be hitting up though,28 yesterday

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