Ba b man ( bed and breakfast) took me to a local athletic club for dinner, bakalau omelette,bakalau fillet, luckily small and about a kilo of fried meat, all a bit average but it was food. There were enormous cider barrels built into the wall and the cider was delicious.

Next day, day off, directions to the eatery in Lezama, missed a turn, five ks later halfway to Bilbao, got directions back to Lezama by train,name of local station something different so passed it by on way thru.

Purchase of ticket was interesting, young woman with baby helped me, all automated of course and while she was doing her thing for me another woman comes up and starts belting hell out of her and calling her a puta!!! She dashed thru onto the platform with me clutching my ticket close behind..

Name caller retreated but the two old dears on the platform had a field day puta coming up in converasation several times..

Made it to the local for lunch, ok, usual pilgrim stuff, soup or salad, deep fried something plus chips (yum)..zzzd thru the day, cadged at a lrice, some fruit off mrs bab.

Three 40 plus French women  walking the walk were sitting in the rather pale sun when I came out of hiding later in the day, one was tweezing hairs on her legs!!!!! in public!!!

Wet again next morning and in accordance with my policy of not walking thru either suburbs or industrial areas, caught the train again, even got my own ticket out of the machine, but then caught the wrong train.Was put on the right train at a later stop by a nice young woman…

Went straight to the Guggenheim, it was heaving with people, lotsa shouty kids on holiday.

Love galleries. Always learn something, who knows who the Nabis where without looking it up…and I never realised the neo impressionists were basically pointillists…

Sera’s installation still thrills me, there is a model in an adjoining room now plus an interview with him on video loop. And of course the dog!!!

Hotel found, worth every exhorbitant cent…..

Shopping  mall opposite containing a food court which contained a Mr WoK, had a rather large late  lunch…my lunch was v small compared to others…

Today is a public holiday, hotel is bursting at its expensive seams, going out to the port where there is an English style village, all the early boat builders were English!!!

weather is a bit dodgy  but about 23 c. .Tomorrow to Probena, just after Portugaleta, remember the policy of no suburbs..