That was what it is starting to feel like, though I have managed to do 40 k in two days.

Travelled out from Bilboa to Pobena by metro which means both above and on the ground , then bus to Pobena. Bit of a misson  but managed it.

Now in northern beach territory, tiny surf but quite

nice little beaches. Some nice walking but it is getting v hot by 2 pm and I usually have about 5-10 ks to go.

A nasty five ks on N634, yesterday nerve wracking having trucks looming over you.

Managed yesterdays effort to Castro Urdiales, nasty hotel, room with three beds all that was left. And that was all their was…3 beds!!!!No room for nada, I filled it let alone two others…

Dinner and breakfast by Margaret, rolls, ham, tomatoes and low fat cheese. Ate my breakfast about 2 pm..innards have been dodgy..

Today a nice walk, sea views  a bit of nasty road then some green green countryside…

Got to Rioseco, wished Idid not have a booking made at Liendo as above was quaint.

Too hot to walk anymore, got a taxi, 18e to Liendo.

Waitress is so obnoxious, kept her back to me but nobody else in the bar, will look for somewhere else for dinner, room v boring.

Problem is everything is full, i have abandoned  Laredo, Escalente and Guemes as nothing is available. Tomorrow night in Noja then bus to Santander for Sat and Sun night… Should have been two weeks earlier…ah well…may try air bnb but have forgotten my password was so long ago.

Photos, Maori man was advertising  an ethnic peoples  photographic exhibition. Gave me a surprise on the metro.

A beach and a distance view of Castro Urdiales, took about three more hours to find my three beds.

Life on the motorway.