Still in Basque territory, they use lotsa k ‘s z’s and i’s

It is a harsh language to listen to, not very musical, still must be like the welsh, they fought to have it, so better use it…from memory the Welsh were more negotiable though, less violence

Getaria cooled down with a huge thunderstorm about 5 pm yestetday and today has been about 22 but reasonably high humidity, lotsa sea

mist , is that a sign?

Lovely green countryside, usual tiny farms subsidised by huge EEU subsidies, ten sheep and 12 cows and a corn field that can be weeded by hand.

The difference betwern here and Galicia is the valleys are steeper, read damn steep, I have been walking the equivalent of up the mount at leadt three x a day. Combine that with three enormous blisters, my first ever, had a tiny one on a toe last year but nothing like these nasties. I have pricked them and slathered stuff on them, changed socks halfway thru the day and slathered more stuff on them.

But by 3.30 pm I was over it, luckily hotel Kanala was in sight..

The fact that I think I am sleeping on a motorway will probably not matter after food.

The walk into this town was very pretty, about two ks thru  nice forest. Very little bird life. A few hawks up high and a few pretty butterflies and one 30cm brown snake  , slim as a pen ,slithered quickly out of my way…

Another lightish day tomorrow, have had to go off piste to get accommodation the lucky hotelier does not know yet that he is collecting me, tonights hotelier is going to give him the good news

Picture of a town I called     Tongaporutu when it gets developed, it is callefZumaia, notice the misty weather.

Boat pictures are of a man teaching a group of girls to row a strange local boat.

scarecrow, he was just nice…