Nik left on the 10 am plane on Sunday from Kerkeri and I changed motels back to the one I initially stayed in but could only stay one night..Everything up here is full! Think the earth quake is sending people up here for longer..

Forgot to mention the dead horse…Just started on the Puketi forest track and I was moaning about the mess horses make on tracks..when the hoof holes stopped.Nik pointed at something just below the track,an upended horse,looked quite big and no smell so probably only recently dead. Had a few fronds placed strategically over it.I would have missed it but eagle eyed Nik saw it!!!!

AnywaySunday  pm went off and saw a local production  of Handel’s Messiah. It was very good, and meant I could justifiably sit for a few hours. Laughed to see a lady in the front row of the choir with a pair of sneakers peeking out under her skirt..Yes.had a good seat,being on your own and only needing one seat often yields up good ones.

Went to the post office first thing Monday am and posted stuff home and to Orewa Camping ground. That feels very optimistic at this point.

i managed to cadge a lift from the motelier again to the Inlet Rd( (t and I once looked at a house there before  moving to Tauranga) track is quite wide but badly ridged as used as a BMX track. Thru pine and gums so a change of scene. Cadged another lift at the carpark with a grandad through to Paihia…I probably should have just caught the bus to Paihia as absolutely knackered..

Booked into a motel for three nights and promptly went to sleep for three hours. Got up and had a vile Thai meal,freeze dried is better.. Shall mooch here for a couple of days till I stop feeling quite so beaten up…

Think I may use intercity to get a bit closer to Whangarei, have been to some of the beaches bear here  years ago and Julian’s first wedding was on a farm at Ocean Beach so do not need to do the Heads again…Ooooh getting very picky….