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I returned home yesterday BY BUS!!! Having completed 200 of my planned 500 ks.

I was absolutely shattered after the forest ordeal and then plodding on to Paihia.

Spent two days poring over the not great guide book and realisd I had four more river crossings, a kayak  trip of 7 ks and  a walk around the rocks from Waiwera to Orewa.

Yesterday coming home on the bus I saw the Puhoi River  ugh!!! Saw the rocks noted, no rocks, sea up to the cliffs, right decision.

There was also a seven day trip without chance of replenishing my food..all interesting places like Matakana and Warkworth are avoided  in favour of more forests. So I walked down to intercity and booked a bus home, Arrived after about ten hours, had noodles for dinner  went to bed and slept for thirteen hours.

Last night I went into the Te Araroa website and read more of the blogs, 1 k an hour seems standard in the forests unless you are super fit. Also apart from two 70 year olds the median age seems to be late twenties!!! Median age on the Caminos is 50 and predominately male on the ones I have done…

Perhaps if I had stuck to my initial idea and started from Keri keri I may have managed but then I would have missed 90 mile beach which was a  highlight….Read one couple did it two days!!! Walked 55 ks one day, admitted to being tired…

So am going to do some local day walks tokeep me occupied till xmas. I find the festive season quite difficult, best one since T died was Laos!!!! He and I always said find a non christian country and go there for Xmas!  !

Oh yes, McKays, got to Waipu, on the bus!! !