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Month: December 2016

Good news

To all those who have not donated to the Cancer Society via Everyday Hero, you now only need to donate 2/5 of what you were going to…however the minimum is 5 $  , sorry!!

I returned home yesterday BY BUS!!! Having completed 200 of my planned 500 ks.

I was absolutely shattered after the forest ordeal and then plodding on to Paihia.

Spent two days poring over the not great guide book and realisd I had four more river crossings, a kayak  trip of 7 ks and  a walk around the rocks from Waiwera to Orewa.

Yesterday coming home on the bus I saw the Puhoi River  ugh!!! Saw the rocks noted, no rocks, sea up to the cliffs, right decision.

There was also a seven day trip without chance of replenishing my food..all interesting places like Matakana and Warkworth are avoided  in favour of more forests. So I walked down to intercity and booked a bus home, Arrived after about ten hours, had noodles for dinner  went to bed and slept for thirteen hours.

Last night I went into the Te Araroa website and read more of the blogs, 1 k an hour seems standard in the forests unless you are super fit. Also apart from two 70 year olds the median age seems to be late twenties!!! Median age on the Caminos is 50 and predominately male on the ones I have done…

Perhaps if I had stuck to my initial idea and started from Keri keri I may have managed but then I would have missed 90 mile beach which was a  highlight….Read one couple did it two days!!! Walked 55 ks one day, admitted to being tired…

So am going to do some local day walks tokeep me occupied till xmas. I find the festive season quite difficult, best one since T died was Laos!!!! He and I always said find a non christian country and go there for Xmas!  !

Oh yes, McKays, got to Waipu, on the bus!! !


To Paihia

Nik left on the 10 am plane on Sunday from Kerkeri and I changed motels back to the one I initially stayed in but could only stay one night..Everything up here is full! Think the earth quake is sending people up here for longer..

Forgot to mention the dead horse…Just started on the Puketi forest track and I was moaning about the mess horses make on tracks..when the hoof holes stopped.Nik pointed at something just below the track,an upended horse,looked quite big and no smell so probably only recently dead. Had a few fronds placed strategically over it.I would have missed it but eagle eyed Nik saw it!!!!

AnywaySunday  pm went off and saw a local production  of Handel’s Messiah. It was very good, and meant I could justifiably sit for a few hours. Laughed to see a lady in the front row of the choir with a pair of sneakers peeking out under her skirt..Yes.had a good seat,being on your own and only needing one seat often yields up good ones.

Went to the post office first thing Monday am and posted stuff home and to Orewa Camping ground. That feels very optimistic at this point.

i managed to cadge a lift from the motelier again to the Inlet Rd( (t and I once looked at a house there before  moving to Tauranga) track is quite wide but badly ridged as used as a BMX track. Thru pine and gums so a change of scene. Cadged another lift at the carpark with a grandad through to Paihia…I probably should have just caught the bus to Paihia as absolutely knackered..

Booked into a motel for three nights and promptly went to sleep for three hours. Got up and had a vile Thai meal,freeze dried is better.. Shall mooch here for a couple of days till I stop feeling quite so beaten up…

Think I may use intercity to get a bit closer to Whangarei, have been to some of the beaches bear here  years ago and Julian’s first wedding was on a farm at Ocean Beach so do not need to do the Heads again…Ooooh getting very picky….


Tarzan does not meet Jane

Losing track of the days but suspect it was Thursday am when the motelier dumped us at a spot at the beginning of the Puketi forest which is the other half of Omahuta forest divided  by the Waipapa stream and guess what swims in the that stream-trout!!!!

We knew this was a two day tramp but I was a bit disconcerted when the motelier said she would see us soon. If I had been on my own I would have been lounging about on Paihia having skipped this forest stuff, would have managed an hour in Herekino and that would have been it!!!!

Anyway off we went, first part was lovely, nice wide track, river beside us, good sized kauri hi de ho…

Nik caught and released two nice trout, hi de ho, nice lunch by the river BUT no sign saying this was the piece we were supposed to walk in for 2.5 ks…

Instead we started on a track out of hell, luckily Nik had brought a four metre  length of braided nylon rope, it was used at least ten times, deep  steep ravines, all mud and no footholds. Nightmare territory for me, made survivable by Nik taking my pack, dumping it on the otherside then coming back and tying the rope around a tree which I then sort of abseiled down… sometimes I could get up the other side, sometimes same process but me crawling up with rope assistance.

I laughed once(probably the only time) when i arrived at a steepish bit and there was the rope ready to go.

We crawled along the side of the river bank for hours, probably only doing one k an hour if that  and the damn deep part of the river way below us which gave me the hebes as well.

Nik started going ahead and leaving his pack and coming back for mine..eventually he carried mine as well as his for at least an hour, must have been a 30 k

load. About 6.30pm , after 8  hours of what even Nik described as shitty walking , we stopped to camp.

Dinner was fresh scotch fillet , salad (from the night before) and dehydrated mushroom risotto, cooked by NIk. Chocolate for dessert. In bed by 8 pm fir me while  Nik went down to the river for another fish.

Next morning we were on the trail by 8.15. More seriously shitty stuff,see comment to Catherine.

Crossed the river and a whole new world, wider path. steep but pretty kauri groves.even a good campsite…we stamped on,me moaning about steep %#>] paths.

Only fly in the ointment , figuratively ,was the ones buzzing around the bloated corpses of dead possums in the DOC? set traps. Most have been about 200 of the stinky things along the way. Some were in bits having been eaten by rats. There were rat bait stations as well. Nik said the possum corpses were about two weeks old….ugh….

However, again we saw lots if wild pig sign and Nik saw  two mobs of pigs, 5 in the first  and 7 in the second, all happily doing piggy things until Nik clapped his hands, spoil sport. Heard a goat, saw tuis, heard shining cuckoos and gray warblers plus a few rosellas, a dew wood pigeons abd a dead ferret!

About 1 pm by the time we hit the end of the forest and then it was Nik’s turn to moan,he hates walking on roads ,really he hates walking anywhere but bush!!! I surprised him with my sudden turn of speed. We made the 8 ks to the camp site faster than the previous ten ks by about 150%…

Met three walkers,USA,Holland and Australia, apparently if you can walk this you can walk anything.

Well, I could with a sherpa and a water carrier…still cannot lift my pack on without some assistance or a really high bench..have to get rid of more stuff..

Not such a gourmet meal last night, bacon and dehydrated bacon mash, pretty good though. Loads of space at the campsite so a German couple park their car right behind us and set up their tent,we hogged the table…

This am was a slow start, walked the toad, thru some paddocks.Nik helped a cast sheep..asked two farmers if they were going into Kerikei,,nope,already been…sod it after ten ks phoned the motel I had stayed in previously and begged for a lift, kindly done..Could not stay there tonight,full.Back there tomorrow pm considering my route,Nik said the walk to the Opua ferry before and after is #%[£€…

Nik flies home no Abbie and no Nik.. David has some photos to put on but he has been unwell,they will appear…





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