Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Herekino Forest

Is where Nik discovered his mother is a fraud, but I had warned him hills and I are not compatible…

Lady from the motel took us to the start of the 16 k walk thru this forest to Diggers Valley Rd. First shock was the time allowed to complete this walk, nine hours!!!

So we started, and I stopped for a breather after the first ten steps  and continued to take what  I called mini stops  about every five minutes  but only uphill!!!

We walked up hill and down damn dales for the next six hours. Hit about 400 m  and when we reached a sign saying it was another  four hours to Diggers Rd or 2.5 to  Pukepoto. We opted for the latter as there was also another nearly 200 m to climb…

We hit Pukepoto, all lovely down hill just after 5 pm having walked for nearly 8 hours.

Highlights today were, white rata flowering in the distance, kanuka in bloom, rewarewa flowers on the ground, two stands of kauri trees, two tom tits, gray warblers was the predominant birdsong, a few tui calls AND rosellas!!!

Really not many birds around at all and no other walkers at all, just muddy patches were they had bashed there way thru.

There was loads of pig sign,gee they dig up the ground….BIG holes.

Lowlights, the incredible steep bits both up and down, falling over a gorse stalk and gouging my leg!!

Not being  able to persuade Nik to go surf casting tomorrow so I can lollop around, nah, gotta walk , there is a trout stream in there somewhere tomorrow plus I suspect back to the tent for two or three nights..


  1. Not a fraud, just pacing yourself as any sensible tramper will do. How well is the trail marked? Hours to walk based on a fit twenties type NZer or a short ‘middle aged’ granny? Sounds like the former.

    I hope there’s trout for dinner in your future.

    C xx

  2. Just tottered into the local headquarters / camping ground at Puketi. My god what a two day walk…I never gave up but this am scrambling around a root laden track,with the river a zillion metres below hanging on to a rope put there by Nik and swinging down to a wretched creek and back up the other side,I COULD HAVE HOWLED!!
    Easy walking for ne from now on. But the twobAmericans today said if you can do Northland the rest is easy!!”

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