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Tis done…

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983ks , 6ks less than the via de la Plata but a damn sight harder.

Even today coming into Rome there was a steep bit out of Isola Farnesse then down and up thru one of the city parks. Ha! But it is over.

I woke up at 6am and started packing my bag and strangely by 7am thought maybe I would walk in after all. Heard Polly outside, nice place to sit at the B&B which is unusual…

Going are we? Yeah!

So off we set, 25ks later we were at the Vatican. Golly I am glad I saw it in the days of wandering in.. Barricades everywhere.

We punctuated the trip with gelati , water and frequent stops. It was 33c but cities actually offer more shade than the countryside.

Got our certificates , much easier process than Santiago… But no tubes… I did not feel the emotion I do at Santiago but St Peters Square is pretty jolly dramatic.

Felt really pleased I had done it. Apparently I am the oldest woman to have walked so much of the Via Francigena!  Who knows!?

Luckily I arrived on a Sunday, roads are quiet.  Hotel is nice but only here a night then off to Greece.

What has the walk done for me, who knows, no amazing revelations, at 70 they are hard to come by.  So that is it, maybe the Swedish walk with Polly next year!!! You are not allowed to walk it alone.

So, walk for life, still 500 dollars short of my goal and only three if my friends and one family member has contributed, like Nike, just do it!!!

Arohanui until next time/walk/whatever


  1. Congratulations, well done and thanks for the stories. What I have learnt……
    Italy has a lot of hills;
    Italy does not expect people to walk places so traffic dominates – like so much of the world;
    So much for a Mediteranean diet – won’t make you slim;
    Accommodation when travelling is random – some good, some bad;
    Ditto with food; and….
    That you are resilient, determined and very strong. Not convinced I could do it.
    Enjoy some rest and look forward to seeing you when you are back.

  2. Well done. I rounded up the total for the donation. I hope you didn’t mind.

  3. Congratulations! Enjoy the cruise to Greece.

  4. Well done Margaret from your Kiwi friends also in Italy (but we are NOT walking)…
    The heat is killing and we do not know how you managed to keep going.

    Enjoy your well earned rest
    love Jan & Garry

  5. Well done Margaret from your Kiwi friends who are also in Italy (Issisi).
    Your grit determination is to be admired – by mid afternoon we can only rest up inside and wait for the sun to cool down.

    So enjoy the cruise and we bet you will be walking laps on the ship too!!
    love Jan & Garry

  6. Jackie Campbell

    July 11, 2016 at 10:32 am

    Well done Margaret, you certainly don’t give up. Seems like it was a hard slog this tine. Enjoy the cruise and the rest of your trip and keep in touch.

    Love Jackie

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