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When I did my initial planning for this little number I plotted it out from the guidebook I have used most as the guides expensively provided are crap.

Anyway three days came back changed, need transfers, there are diversions blah de blah de blah, I even rang Walkers world …very convincing. Fibs!!!!

The diversions, today and Tuesday are not even on the VF but I bet some mates are… I finally clicked this morning as I went up 500m down 400m then up another 500m just like the other day, why was I visiting this church San Antonio and why was I being transferred to Montalcino, I am going backwards.. Plus I went to montalcino twice already this trip!!!

What a fool but neither Sue nor I questioned her.  And an arbitrary day off on day three…  Supposed to go back to the church and start from there, like #<*{#.

I will be heading south from Vignoni to some unpronounceable place that is still not on the VF…gnash gnash…

Anyway the weather was nice today and I risked life and limb crossing 20m of creek that was in flood. I would never have attempted it but there were four Italian men hiking to the church and three were already across, last one went over his knees, I was sweating I can tell you, terrified really imagining my phone, money and passport submerged.

One of the men had fortuitously brought along a pair of reef shoes which they then threw across to me… Large but walking on nasty shale river bottom was not a good thought.
Once I was in the water all those years in creeks came back, shallower away from the rocks, yes, over my knees but only just… Yeah, did it! Then nearly went flat on my face on the muddy bank…

Still a long haul up then down to the best example of a romanesque style church in Italy , oh well.

Collected and carted back to the hotel, OK, but no nosh so out foraging.  Sunday night in Italy is hopeless they all have a big lunch and by pm they are seriously grumpy.
Lotsa new vineyards up in the hills, huge ones..

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  1. Hi Margaret…
    just caught up with your blog again …glad to hear you have had some company and maybe with all your experience, next year you will be able to lead your tour party!!!
    at least you will know where NOT to stay and where NOT to eat.
    Seems like the rain may have abated for you – it is still cold up where we are, but fortunately has not stopped us going places. Moving on on Wednesday .
    take care and love J & G

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