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San Gimignano

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Oooh T would be so thrilled with this little billet doux.. Above a kitchen in a back street in San Gimignano…

No internet anywhere other than the restaurant… Sigh…

San Gimignano is a smaller version of Lucca..  Zillions of tourists and a holiday weekend… Sigh… But I may buy some tres expensive linen sheets, they will ship them home…

So, today’s walk after a chilly nights sleep, added the new cape to the bed but still cold…was a shorty, 17ks but lots of uppys and downys… Some lovely Tuscan vistas but also a lot of damn mud..

Met two american women the other day, remember they were slower than me…well , Joyce the 76 year old had done her knee in and was taxiing, so I walked most of the way with Polly, who was very interesting, been in The US Navy, etc, etc… We chatted away non stop …really nice to have someone to chat to…

Covered everything from my mate St Augustine to Syria… Interesting her perspective on Clinton , great but like Obama nobbled by the Republicans…
We walked and talked and did the obligatory mud but mainly the rain held off..

Then into San Gimignano and the so called hotel… I loathe restaurants that let out a few rooms, not above the kitchen, but how come I can hear them chopping from my non-wifi room…

Have a day off here, what am I going to do, cannot even gate crash mass as the Duomo charges an entrance fee. Having dinner with my two yanks tomorrow night.

Must admit the body is feeling a bit beaten, done over 500 k so no wonder.. am over half way… Tired of the damn rain, think I may be getting trench foot.. Golly my boots pong ,they do not have a return ticket..

Ps: the forecast for the next 10 days is rain
Ps: getting tres podgy, at least the fat is firm

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  1. Just caught up with your blogs Margaret-were in Lake Como – same country but worlds apart for scenery. Mountainous here, while you are in lovely Tuscany.
    Gee hope your boots go the distance-lots of rain here too, But were NOT walking!!!
    take care and love J & G

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