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Is damn miles away and twice as high as the mount, despite the 22 plus ks it was the best walk to date.

Well signed, and mainly off the road.

Lots of flora and fauna (are butterflies fauna?), lots of them too, most I have seen.  Plus quite a few walkers, ten?   Most interesting a young couple who started in Canterbury and are going to Jerusalem.  He is Greek orthodox she is C of E, with the bluest eyes you have ever seen.

Because I was up high loads of flora including our little yellow sedum plus yarrow, scabiosa, echium, sweet william, dark pink and only one or two flowers, chamomile or its cousin, little pink roses, scabiosa and a few I have missed.

The architecture is different here, suspect this high up they get snow.  
790 m up , just checked no wonder I puffed and groaned the last uppy .A film crew in town, just arrived, I asked an important looking person what where they doing, shooting an Italian film was his reply.  Oh well I do not speak Italian so how could I star…

Have had a nice few hours with Jurgen who has walked from Lausanne.  Met him early this am as he romped past me. Then hunting for alcohol this pm he was drinking in the square, so we had dinner together…53 so no need to get excited.  Oddly he is in the sane little apartment block, yes have a wee apartment.  Very nice Nicolo, BUT NO HOT WATER.

And Nicolo, today your guide at the end was better than Lightfoots which gave that rocky crawl as 200 m not 2 km.

For those intetested Nicolo is the long suffering travel agent upon whose head I have heaped abuse but in reality he has managed me with patience😳. His mother is nice as well.

The cancer society emailed me $300 so far so get giving you lot as some of that is from last year!!!!!

25ks in the morning which means nearer 30 but if the scenery snd weather are like today , yeah!

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  1. Shirley Anderson

    June 16, 2016 at 11:41 am

    Well, an apartment and a man to have dinner with, things are looking up Margaret! What does a toughie like you need hot water for anyway? In the photos today with the sunshine, it looks quite charming. I could almost wish I was there, but remind myself of the mire you have gone through to get there. Hope things continue to improve- as you say, getting closer!!

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