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But first a bit more about Sutri…

There are Etruscan tombs here and what is thought to be a mithraeum, primitive place of worship. This one was probably Mithra the bull god. Forgive some of the spelling.

This primitive place of worship, dug into the tufa, became a church in the 13th century, quite strange inside.

There is also an ampitheatre dug out of tufa and the usual grand nobles house and church.  Savarola family, not a patch on the Farnesse.

So day spent mooching, finished off by a vile meal of pressure cooked chicken with a vile sauce. Kept thinking need the protein as I scraped all the gunk off.  Met up with Polly again so food should improve for the final few days…

Nasty little event today which spoilt a good walk, nice countryside, rolling mainly thank heavens.  So, the Nasty Event: bowling along quite happily, it was v hot today, got up to 35c but I had started early, had over a litre of water when wham! Thought I was going to pass out.

Remembered the feeling from it happening a few times while slogging in the heat at Pahoia.  Heart races, hot, stomach cramps, cure is to lay down in the shade.

Luckily I was in a shady patch with lovely leaf mulch. Lay down, head on pack and after about twenty minutes and sips of water felt OK again so set off.

All fine until the dratted hill into the above town, had to keep stopping going up, eventually made it to a seat, sat with my head hanging down wondering how on earth I was going to make the 200m to the hotel!  Carabineri stopped, remembered they were kind in Portugal, asked for a lift to hotel, like blazes, he kept telling me it was only 200m.

I kept telling him I could not walk that far. Finally I grabbed the man who had been chatting to the fuzz and asked him to walk me to the hotel. He lectured me all the way about walking alone in the heat!!!  Made me promise not to do it again, yeah yeah.

I am OK now but if I see another hill anytime soon I will lay on the ground and drum my heels whilst screaming No No No!

So bus in the morning at 6 am for 8ks. Then 12ks hopefully before it is red hot. Walking with Polly who did today as well but left at 5 am.