Is a 15 century town, but is residential only nowadays. No bars, shops, etc but a whopping great church.

Hotel is someones folly and lucky for us there are 20 Italian cyclists coming in later or it would be a 500m haul up the road for dinner. Imagine the noise there is going to be.

Walk, well pretty good really , on the way by 6.30 after a scary bus ride. Driver was not a morning person.  Apart from feeling stuffed I am OK but kept the water up.

Into above town by 11.30 after food stops, piddle stops and a long sit with some mad drone and model plane enthusiasts. They had chairs!!!

Nice walk, very gently rolling and towards the end nasty scoria paths that rolls under your feet on hills.  Well there were a few hills but I did not drum my feet on the ground as I had threatened.

The oleanders are out, very flush with blooms.

I am keen to get as close to St Peters Square as possible by public transport but Polly would like to walk some of it. May be two routes in….
Photos to come for last few days.