Had a reasonably good meal last night, finally cracked it, ask for half servings then you can have pasta and a main.

This morning my landlady marched me thru Caparola, some lovely little back streets and a fantastic church, St Anthonys… Golly there was some dosh around this area in the 15C due to its proximity to Rome I guess. I have never seen such a lavishly decorated church. No ceiling frescoes but sculptured frescoes.

More mundane stuff, had a haircut, OK but not anywhere near as good as Kelly.  MH took me and my bag to another interesting town, called Ronciglione.  Looked rich as well but had a hellishly lot of steps. Hot day and 11 am by this time.

About 2 ks on a busy road , getting more and more on roads and they drive faster down here. Then several ks on a dirt road thru hectares of hazelnut orchards.

Back on the road and at a turn off to Sutri a woman stopped and waved madly at me then came over to me…wanna ride, course I did!  It was 31c when I left Caparola and was a damn sight hotter then.

She drove like a demon, I only leapt once!

Arrived in Sutri having only done 10 ks but that was enough, I am whacked!!! Had pasta, half size for lunch , dozed the afternoon away. Went out and bought fruit and have finished off my NZ cashews and almonds and am ready to zzzzz again.

Day off tomorrow, may go and explore the amphitheatre but will need to go early to beat the heat.

More cats around since Porceno and most in good condition.

Talked to a few fellow walkers about this, and we all agree, each day is faced with a degree of anxiety, will this be the day a dog gets out and gets me, will I fall and break or damage something, will I get lost, will I make it, etc, etc.

I have not listened to music once while walking this time an indication of the terrain and the need for concentration and the traffic!!!

Still listen to the National programme on a regular basis, odd though listening to Brian Crump during the day!!!

Zzzzz day tomorrow then only three days to go…