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Capararola is an old hill town but not walled. The Farnesse dynasty built a stunning palace here in 15/16 c. They were mates with the Pope of the time and even impregnated a Medici lady in waiting. Not sure why that was noteworthy.

Photos at the end… Of the palace not the impregnated Medici lady.

Walk today was very strenuous and that would be an understatement.  Up to 810 m then down a bit, back up and down to 500m in above town of 2000 people.  Not as hard underfoot as coming out of Aulla as centuries of leaf mulch has covered the Roman stones.

Not a soul about, again had my lunch on a stump but this time in very albeit steep but pretty woods.  Lunch was nice, purloined ham rolls from the hotel and one of David’s food parcel health bars,the peanut one was yum..

Lake Vigo is out there somewhere, a volcanic lake hence the dratted hills. Temperature went up today to 30…

Dog story: usual dogs barking and snarling at me from behind fences on the way out of Viterbo when I noticed a little brown bitser walking down the road toward me, oh dear.  I was expecting biting and snarling but no, came up to me sniffed and started to follow me. Damn how long would he happily follow me, to Rome?
Suddenly an Alsatian stuck his head thru a hole in a fence at ground level, snarling like blazes, little dog goes over, they sniff noses then little dog cocks his leg and pees right by big dogs face!!!!! No noise from big dog and little dog disappeared down a side road soon after.

Geckos are back, user friendly verges. Some even high up maybe because it was warmer. Another thing that happens is flying cobwebs, always wiping them off my face and today an insect got caught in the rim if my hat.

O.K less than a week to go and I obviously only have one friend as only one of you apart from David has made a donation to the cancer society. Only needs to be a few dollars and can be anonymous..

The three walks I have done are the only time in the year that I am cancer free, not really but I am free of scans, pokings and probings. BUT luckily I have the backstop that when I get home I can tap back into the system and the cancer society is an important part of that. Come on cough up !!!!!!