The directive for today was to get the train to here from Lucca, so I did.

Reason being road walking thru an industrialised area, surprised they didn’t make up a walk as they have in the past… Pouring with rain again this am and looks like it will be till Saturday.

I wore my new hobbit cape purchased in Lucca, has sleeves and a section to accommodate ones pack but suspect it may not be as water repellent as the poor sad original one was at its best.  It is that yummy shade of khaki green….one of the young male staff grabbed the black one when offered, the female staff shuddered gently at the thought.

Had to get a man to give me a shove from behind to get up on the train then asked another one at Altopascio to help me off…they are very high…

Altopascio is a nice little town with all the men outside the bars doing nothing..  Nice lunch in a deli then a snooze a wee read then it will be dinner time…still raining but not as heavy.

Tomorrow I walk to San Miniato and the suggestions as to the distance range from 14 k to 30…should be an interesting day.

Suddenly I am in Tuscany, the landscape has all the elements; the conifers, the distinctive rooves, the wheat fields, the church towers..

Oooh yes! Went to a lovely Puccini concert last night in Lucca, he was born there.  A church has been taken over as a museum and concert hall…all the famous arias…church full of tourists of a certain age..  Cathedral of St Martins was pretty impressive but poor old Saint Zita in St Fredericos church is looking the worse for wear…

Huge painting being shifted, one of the many famous Last Suppers…lots of scurrying to and fro…

ps:  bought an expensive can of water-proofer, so far so good.