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Is probably only 11km as the crow flies from Ivrea but do it as a pilgrim and it is 27km…and I only got lost once, ended up in a nice rural garden, luckily no dogs…

By the time I hit Viverone it was 25c and I was shattered. My self imposed limit is 22km broken twice in two days. For some reason pilgrim walks go round the houses and back again..they do try and keep you off roads but sometimes a straight piece of road would be good..

Another nice walk though,around another little lake and its huge mozzies, had to convert the pillow to a jacket.

Again, some lovely gardens plus nice wild flowers, cornflowers, valerian, etc..

The countryside seems much tidier and more affluent than Northern Spain, a civil war less… A lot of the houses seem empty though, maybe holiday homes!!???

By the time I staggered into Viverone I was hanging out for a bath and a drink..
Hotel Royal is very daggy, art nouveaux exterior and straight sixties interior down to the red plastic bath fittings.. maybe seventies…

Run by two old dears…I have a bath, minute, and an outside area plus the odour of fifty years accumulated ciggie smoke. Even an ashtray in the room.

It could not be further from last nights chic bijoux residence. But it is right on the funny little lake…well funny by our standards.
I am here for two nights, the wonders of the agencies scheduling, later on I go eight days without a break…

The food could be interesting,unfortunately the main town is about twenty five minutes away…will go tomorrow.



  1. Good to see you are successfully on your way. I’ll follow with interest.
    Happy walking and good health.

    P.S. Your mailbox is full so you won’t get any personal emails unless you delete a heap of them.

    Catherine xx

  2. Not related to your great stories but had an email to you bounce back from EOL saying your mailbox is full.
    Let me know if something needs sorting this end. J

  3. Just deleted a few hundred nessages!! B

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