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Which is 27.5km from Piacenza the way walkers world do it although they say it is 22.5km.  I would think I do at least 5km  extra per day getting lost and backtracking…

Left at 8.15 and arrived in yet another bijoux called Hotel Maison de Vi in a Cimafava.

Guess what, first time my bag has not arrived before me so no shower, nada, niente, till a change of clothes arrives.  I have got clean knickers as they were pinned to my pack,drying…socks will be there tomorrow as sometimes things do not dry overnight..

Managed the first 8km well but no signs anywhere, just used WWS directions.  Managed the first busy roundabout, onto the second and I hear yelling.. the Frenchman.

Thought maybe he is right so hopped over a couple of lanes….wrong!!!  But found my way again and all went well for another 8 or so km when the directions had me wading through waist high grass for about half a km… I decided to get back on the road, only problem was a damn deep ditch, eventually it petered out and I was on the road…

Made it into San Polo, missed what was supposed to be a sign so kept on the road… Help, it was busy.  Some come straight at you, some go like rockets and the wind from the big trucks nearly knocks you, well me, off the road… Just kept on the road as no idea where the track was.

Obviously each province, commune whatever chooses whether or not to mark the Via Francigena. Today was the worst yet.

Ate my stolen roll with ham about 1:30 and concluded with half a rich brownie flogged on Sunday by this aged rellie.  Some left for tomorrow. Better than their chicken!!!

Weather pleasant, not a canal or rice field in sight so all good.  Crops today included tomatoes,wheat,corn and lucerne.

Occasionally you got a whiff of a piggery, Karen, I remember it well.

Horse chestnut trees have been lovely but the rain knocked them about…lots of hawthorn.  Those hills are getting closer.

Aha my bag has arrived,wash time then drinkies…wonder what dinner will be like,,,


  1. Your mailbox is full again……too much keeping us entertained…….
    The large trucks are a worry although I guess on NZ roads it would be similar. The stories from Northland with the logging trucks a good example. I like the idea of a town meeting where it is decided to “just let them see if they can find it themselves” policy is passed an interesting thought.
    Oh no……the hills are coming……..

  2. Gee- you are doing well with your blogs…we are right up to date with your daily reports and challenges with the traffic.

    Weather here chilling down so hope your days are warmer than ours.
    luv J & G

  3. Yeah, it is down to each local authority to signpost the route. In 2009 the Italian government launched a project to recover the Italian leg of it. But as you are finding, it is disjointed. It is supposed to be signposted “not only in spiritual and religious terms but also in terms of the environment, architecture, culture, history, wine and cuisine and sport.”

    When you get to Rome have a word with “Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi (ORP)”, it is the Vatican’s organisation for encouraging pilgrimages!

  4. Let us hope the next local authority and all the others between here and Rome have obeyed the Vatican.
    Thanks for the pikkies. Love the Via Francigena site but far too complicated for me….

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