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Am having technical and walking guide trouble!

My phone is still refusing to pick up eol and is also saying to people my mail box is full [David: because it was, but it is OK now].   I have sat for ages over the last few weeks deleting just did so again and think that probably no messages have been deleted.   Cannot even use the email just keeps saying message cannot be deleted while I am trying to write a new message..Hopefully David can help [David: I took a chainsaw to it :)].  I am days away now from a TIM office.

The walking guides for the last two days have been hopeless, walked 11 extra kms today because the dumbkopf guide twice said go right not left…  Think I will use the Lightfoot guidebook.

Joan could you email Sue to tell Theresa her guides for this bit are bad. There is absolutely no signage, this area dies not want stinky pilgrims!

Some nice scenery, getting hilly so do not want to get lost…weather is quite pleasant too
Sorry people no emails. Joan I wonder if you could try emailing me again and see if it bounces back…



  1. If one double clicks on the photo to slightly enlarge it comes up with the caption. maybe you already know this. I am days behind…XXOO

  2. Yes/no ??? It is the captions themselves…because I am a technical dilly somehow when I send the photos to David to insert in rhe blog he was not getting the captions. Hence the creativitu of some of the captions….

  3. Gosh I hope this reaches you….not sure what I’m doing here…have tried to call you and text and email but no luck. Therese stresses you need to contact Beppe as soon as you need to – anytime. She will also translate the meds you need.

    I have sent an email up to Beppe to contact Margaret 🙂 Can you reiterate to Margaret the following …

    While English is widely understood and spoken by many younger people and in tourist resorts, you will be visiting many off the beaten track corners of Italy where you may encounter people who speak only Italian. In restaurants also, menus may be solely in Italian. We recommend that you take an Italian phrase book with you and simply embrace the experience.

    If there is an Emergency, or should you encounter any problems, please phone our local tour partner Beppe of Viadelsole (the office is in Perugia).
    Beppe’s Mobile: +39 3482543906 Viadelsole Office +39 0755299054

    This is, essentially, an independent holiday and part of the pleasure is experiencing Italian life with its day-to-day color, idiosyncrasies and challenges! You may encounter a laid-back attitude amongst workers and there will often seem to be huge amounts of red tape and bureaucracy when doing the simplest things. You will enjoy your trip much more if you slip into the rhythm of local life and are prepared to take things as they come.

  4. What a lot of patronising drivel…
    I sent the ned lust to the wrong sue!!!
    Ger guides are not good, the hotelier hete said tomorrow just follow the road..

  5. Sue the more I think about this the crosser I get. I have been to Italy six times as an independent traveller it is not Italy at fault but her guides..pleade forward this to Therese. I have tried to email her but no joy..

  6. Shirley Anderson

    May 19, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    Well, well, well Margaret, you are having fun aren’t you!! When you are back in NZ no doubt you will try to convince me it is a wonderful way to experience the “culture”, I remain unconvinced at the moment. Sue (whichever one has been posting) should know better than take that tone with you- is she a travel agent or what? Am enjoying the now captioned pictures, so that seems to have worked well, thanks to David I assume. Hope you sort out the communication wobbles and that the health probs are sorted too. Take care on those roads.

  7. Hi Margaret
    Have sent a test email tonight that hasn’t bounced yet – 30 mins back….so maybe ok.

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