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Day 56 Santiago!!!!!!

Made it and have the piece of papet saying 989 ks , pity they did not round it up…
After breakfast at the lovely casa and even managing to filch some lunch food we left for the last 18 k plod. Another glorious sunny day, have been aooooooo lucky weather wise.
Trotted along the 525 for about 10 k then rejoined the path wwith the road sign daying 6 ks Fibbers , on the path it took us three hours to do what would have been 6 on the road
And we were moving today, the end was in sight…
Up damn hill and down dale , very pretty countryside but it went on and on. Saw two very flat little voles and the usual sodding barking dogs.
Certainly a nicer way in to santiago than the other two routes i have been on
Finally spied the steps in the city wall and we weree up them like rats up a drain pipe
In thru the winding city streets full of scruffy camino walkers, some hobbling , some not…thru the long archway into obradio (sp) square and there it was….more covered in scaffolding than last year.
Admit to a sniffle as i went thru the archway with the galician pipes playing….
Not long to sit about as k had to collect her bag
Off to our hotel and a bath and a really good lunch and we then wandered back to town,
You have to queue to get your compestella and it can take up to 2 and a 1/2 hours..
Queue was short we were in!!! Took 45 minutes, interesting to hear others stories. A young couple had camped out and walked forty ks. a day often!!! They were definitely a bit whiffy!!!
Went to the English prayer session at the cathedral…bit snivelly again as I asked for prayers for my friend Bob Campbell

So thete it is all over!!!
Many many thanks to Jackie , Joan and Joss who emailed me moat days , david who rang me and emailed me john who emailed and rang me, Catherine who egged me on and tormented me with talk of green vegies…Contact like that kept me afloat. Joan in particular stopped me from running away in the first two weeks
No more Caminos , roads are now too busy and in the middle after zamora the path is hard to follow with all the new roadworks.
So will walk cross the top of sweden next year!!!


  1. Let me be the first – I am just so happy to know that you have now finished this huge undertaking and reached the beautiful sanctuary of Santiago, the little nun’s singing, incense billowing, organ pipes growling and (hopefully) the botofumerio swinging – and all the inner peace and satisfaction which comes with finalizing a major achievement. You truly set a high standard (well, let’s accommodate those hideous bedrooms, tiny baths and questionable dinners), and I look forward to my travails along this path in the future!! Be kind to yourself and have a drink for this Aussie at a quiet bar – there’s a lovely little park opposite the University, ideal for a quiet relective beer.
    Much metta,

  2. AWESOME Mrs. Parker. So many people following your adventures – the Pied Piper of Tauranga. 989, theres, a coincidence. One of my collar numbers in a previous life !!

  3. Shirley Anderson

    May 28, 2015 at 10:02 am

    A tremendous total!! You have earned the right to that sniffle, and to many happy hours recounting both the joys and the horrors of the journey. Well done.

  4. Jackie Campbell

    May 28, 2015 at 10:14 am

    Congratulations Margaret, you’re made of strong stuff. Thanks for the prayers. Hope you’ve had a large G and T. Love Jackie

  5. Catherine Fleming

    May 28, 2015 at 10:14 pm

    Well done. It’s an amazing number which ever way you look at it. You didn’t get so lost this time but I’m sure the couple of times you did would get the total up there. Sweden-mossie nets and thermals!! Do you want to do a couple of gentle walks in Cyprus next week, sort of a wind down?

    Many days reading your blog , I felt I would certainly have hopped on the nearest bus!!!
    Can’t believe you already have your plans for next year.
    you are missing our FREEZING weather – and we can’t wait to become “snowbirds” and fly to warmer pastures.
    take care and luv J & G

  7. Happy travelling Jan and Garry,see you in november

  8. Diane Harnett

    June 1, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    Congratulations Margaret. Very thrilled for you, but pleased those long kilometers over over. Take care Diane xxx

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