Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 55 Galegos

We left our Yarpies who were good fun behind at the badly run but beautiful Pazo de Bendorio and headed out for the above. Badly run, well about five us ended up being locked in on the first floor and although we could be heard in reception there was nobody there…finally a staff member arrived and let us down for breakfast. Some good filching there which we later wnjoyed for lunch. Went to pay, nobody around, all very fawlty towers

Another lovely sunny day ….
We did quite a lot of road walking today choosing when to walk on the Camino. We actually walked 4ks less as we did not almost double back on ourselves as the path does. Road was very busy though so had to be careful.
Flowers , Well the orange blossom is out and lots if it around. The roses are glorious, mainly a red very similar to Dublin Bay and a dark pink similar to Zephrin Druin.

Saw the first barn housed cows of the trip happily eating fresh grass carted to them by the farmer
Heaps more pig sheds, they must house at least a 100 pigs and gee they are whiffy, gag making stuff.
Country side becoming much more populated
There are lots more roadside cafes and bars….still not many pilgrims.
We finally tottered into our surprisingly good accommodation about 3.35 too late for lunch but we were given a very nice soup
Accommodation is a 400 hundred year old house on a vineyard. We sampled thevwine, very nice , the albarino grape , were served by the wine maker, owners son!!!! Owner spoke excellent English.
Maggie and Paul arrived for a drink , they did not know we were there so we had an interesting hour with them.
Maggie will have walked from the Mediterranean tobthe Atlantic. Malaga to Finistere…
Now thete is a thought….
Dinner was probaly the best we have had.
Asparagus, pate, and baby trout followed by a wild strawberry mousse.

Could almost come back to this place, even has very hot eater all for 40e a night
Including breakfast,
Ladt day tomorrow…cannot imagine not having to put the pack on each day ….

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  1. I agree, Brian… yeah, right….

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