Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 53 when two supposedly intelligent women got LOST

We got up and headed out if Lalin heading for a rural Casa ehich is supposedly wonderful(you know trouble is coming).
Only a short day today and we decided to make it shorter by walking mainly on the road…

Saw our first fox,dead on the road, so squashed we never took its photo,smaller than uk foxes…
Then we came across a pond eith lotsa lovely frogs and no snakes
Plodded on nice morning only about 10 ks this am
Tried to poke my nose into a very smart albergue and was told to shove off loudly in Spanish by an officious old tart,i backed out but the inside was very upmarket from what I saw wonder if they ever have pilgrims?
By this time we were st Prado,pretty little village but the road was getting busy so we weakened and took the camino path which i now realise can add at least five k a day compared to the road sign distances
From our reckoning the flash place was just out of the town of Laxe. We walked on hopefully to the town. Saw a robin and took a picture of a cute donkey…walked on We even saw a small deer .Realising we were in the wrong place,,,we came out at the next town along,Silleda,Bugger, iwn fault if course We bever checked our maps.
Ran into English Paul he was with Maggie who is Anzac Brian’s friend. They had walked 28 k in the time we had walked 16
We had lunch ,salad and octopus,,,Quite nice
Then decided we would go back to the flash place and get ourselves back to Silleda somehow tomorrow morning. No way would the flash place come and collect us,we got a taxi….
All fine taxi was only 8 e and he would come back tomorrow and collect us …
So all fine into our rooms,big beds nice bathroom..
Threw off the clothes into the bath luke warm well maybe a shade above but certainly not hot and not conducive to lying in for an hour to ease old aching bones…
Lept out if the bath rang reception .Nada . Threw some if my clothes back on and set out for reception encountered the snotty receptionist chatting up the South africans guide. Whole bunch of yarpys here on bikes
Both came to my room and assured me that. Y water was hot,this very same thing happened
to t and i not far from here eight years ago.
Said get out ..
Then got dressed and went down for a g and t ,long wait, three communion fiestas going on.,,, now outside drinking above listening to crap music blaring out across the countryside,similar to last nights Zumba music.
Karen went and told teception her water was cold as did lrobably most if the wTer in an hour , too late Trip Advisor here I come…
Thank heavns not mch longer..

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  1. What a small world, degrees of separation & all that but it makes for a richer tapestry of life. Had all ready heard of your meeting with Paul, is there no privacy on the Camino…?!?!

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