Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 52 Lalin

…and guess who has a room over the yard with a hysterical alsation barking outside..,
I now poke or wave my stick st the dogs trying to eat me, certinly gets them going..,

Well a 23 k day today, one of my feet has changed shape hope it is temporary otherwise it is orthopeadic hoppers forever
Innards proved problomatic this am
Karen is saying ‘man approaching ‘ while i am huddled in a heap beside the path…
Manage to get myself up and smiling while evidence in the form of a mound of tissues
is right behind us and my poles and guide book are in the middle of the path where i had abandoned them.., englishman never noticed just entralled by blonde Karen(sorry Paul!!!)
K kept him chatting for next few ks i dived behind a stone wall at one stage
Not sure if either noticed.., it actually was the beginnings of one of those horrid tissue piles that are such sn awful part of the camino frances …fenale doggy bags are now suggested there

We swapped names etc with the pom and think Anzac Brian he may have been walking with your Maggie… She may have more than a phone to write her blog!!!
Anyway we were off to Lalin to another
Dubious place
Up bloody hill and down dale anf finally arrived
Out for our gins then to find somwhere to eat having arrived too late for lunch
Saw a zumba display in the nain square… Mad but great all these prople doing zumba watched by spouses etc bit different for a sat night

Given the name of a restaurant wow what an ecperience, had a tapas prepared just for us only ones there too early for dinner
It was 7.3o
We had another very large gin then asked for sopa owner said he had sometimg specisl for us, two slices of fantastic dessert
plus an amazing white wine BUT then the sopa appeared, a minestra so we pushed the dessert aside and scoffed a wonderful veggie laden soup…then back yo the dessert
More wine then a layered coffee and a liquer we had just given up by this stAge and eaten and drunk everything .
K avoided the layered coffee but i drank it so i am still awake now …
Bill for all this including two horse knock out gins, 38 e
So back to the hovel and the barking dog…
Short day tomorrow about 13 ks and supposedly a nice place to stay but tonights experience eill take some beating’….


  1. Catherine Fleming

    May 24, 2015 at 5:32 pm

    Out of the back blocks and into civilization. Amazing what a larger passing population does for the quality of the food by the sounds of it. Hope your system behaves itself. And your foot and the weather.

  2. So very lucky with the weather. Could be a nice meal to ight but will be late and twenty three k tomorrow
    Foid in cyprus Vegies!!!!!!

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