Day off was spent in slothful idleness
Then back into it with a vengenance…
Described as a 200 m climb over 3 ks Karen clocked it ad 500 m on her tricky machine and that Is what it felt like….
We just went straight up,
We had the option of two routes to Cea one was shorter so we chose that silly us…. Back with some of the people we met before detouring to Verin,the Japanese girl and the French girl, do we look as tired as them?
Weather is being very kind not too hot, about 24 ,bit chilly in the am but gets us going.
Over ^#£¥+ Roman roads ,they are very hard to walk on….About two ks of it just out if one of the villages.
Was a pretty walk today, oak trees ,chestnut trees and about four stone housed villages usual small plots
A number of pig farms,the housed inside ones…
Part of our day off was spent organising our accommodation for the remaining days, about nine,,,what a mission. Little accommodation avaiable a this is one of the 100 k routes from ourense so all the tour companies book the good places.
We had to go a few ks out if Cea. Lady came and picked us up ….as we got of the car we both said ‘pig farm’ she grabbed our bags and hustled us inside, kept my windows shut.
Everytime the main door opened the eye watering stench drifted in…
Drank quantities if wine to ivervome the smell of course…
Saw the my first hollyhocks out… Broom still flowering madly but does nit seem to be the variety of wildflowers up here.
Only about 80 ks to go