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Day 49 Ourense

All Spanish dogs , particularly the ones in Galicia should be debarked. Every house in the little villages here seems to own three dogs who bark madly and rush at the fence as we go past. One little mutt actually threw itself at the gate in an attempt to get us. We have been thru wolf territory and some of the dogs up in the hills showed some wolf chatectistics, long dark fur in places quite unlike the usual alsations.
Lots of small holdings, real subsistence stuff up in the Galician hills. Also lots of deserted houses ,stone of course,most in a real state of disrepair. One village was totally deserted. The odd village had some refurbished houses probably weekender.
Long long walk today but luckily quite
We finally tottered into Ourense quite late in that hiatus between lunch and dinner,(4 pm to 8 pm)
Ended up in a food court and had a most satisfactory meal. Pasta,salad,chicken skewers and if course chips and bread all for 9.50 e each
Ourense seems a nice place op 105,000 may go and look at the old city today
Have a day off, after over 130 ks in six days,
Just hope I have the last 106 in my legs….


  1. Some reasonable food finally!
    Not far to go….

  2. Did you ever meet Maggie on last year’s Camino, the English lady who lives nr Malaga? She is one day ahead of you so it’s fascinating to be following parallel daily descriptions. Only 103 Klms to go, that’s a doddle in the park for an Anzac girl. Much metta, B

  3. No, never met her….Thanks fir keeping in touch
    Think this nay be my last Camino !!!! Did i say that last year????

  4. You did say that last year…. And then the other day you calmly mentioned doing the north route… Last one my %&%£

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