Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 48 Allariz

Which is a lovely little town with a very old historical centre.
Set down in a valley though so means we have to climb out again ….
Was soooo cold yestetday am that i put my wet weather gear on ad well. Never really warmed up probably went from 7 to 17
Good walk though dome of it , fadt, along the road then into the scrub with the yellow arrows.
Reslly into Galicia now, small holdings with both men and women working in the quite small fields. An enlarged grubber seems to be the tool of choice
Lot of potatoes but onions lettuces and the ever present tall tough looking kale

The best part of the day was walking about two ks on a roman roaf, part of the originsl via de la plata . Huge grooves had been wirn in the solid stone . Also in some parts thete were high single piece stone walls . All set in a lovely oak forest with a steep drop on one side down to a stream…
Very good day
Even had an almost teasonable late lunch however we both now have dodgy tums…cannot handle half way decent food anymore!!!!

Tomorrow, today, actually another twenty k haul but the weather is still chilly so easier to walk

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  1. Shirley Anderson

    May 21, 2015 at 2:56 pm

    Temperatures about the same here, but are getting the lovely autumn colours showing, and of course, everywhere is littered with leaves. Also very damp at the moment here and expecting more rain and colder temps.
    The Roman road sounds lovely, hope to see some pictures of it eventually. Sorry to hear about the dodgy tums, maybe more wine will settle things down???? One can always try!

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