Not much to say about today really we got up from our lovely beds at the Parador then walked up hill and down dale for hours finally arriving in the above
Crop du jour here is potatoes, acres of them
We are in a very large valley so the secnery is still quite pretty with hills all around in the distance
Highlight of yesterday was K throwing a large stick at a water snake to stop it killing a frog
We were walking beside a large stream teeming with sex crazed frogs when we heard a new note from the have sex have sex call, a frog scream… And there was a frog in the snakes nouth, think it may have got munched but was slowed up.
It was about a metre and a half long. Check out spanish water snakes for him,,,
Temperature is due to drop from over 30 to 22 today so thqt should make walking easier