Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 46 Verin

We are taking a route just below the usual Camino Sanabres, still has the Camino markings but only hotels etc so consequently nobody around. We went down,we went up and then did it all again for damn hours yesterday…in red hot heat. But somewhere ong the road we passed the 200 k left marker….
On day 43 i thought I was done for.feet were so sore,thought I was getting the dreaded plantar fascitis or whatever the thing is that gives you very tender spots…I did have tender spots were damn stones had embedded themselves in my inner soles.
Changed to new soles and scraped all the little bits of atone out of the bottom of my boots. I had been shaking them out eveyday but more than that is needed
Feet now fine
We are staying in a Parador again,identical almost to the one in Meridia.
Food is better though apart from an egg and chip entree that came with our aet meal…
As Catherine said,total correlation between good food ,good bed and well being…
So a few bits of trivia from the trail…
Along the wildflower filled path of the day before there was a lot of pig sign, ground rooted up and even pig poo,darker than dog!!!!That day a lot of the paths were very boggy which adds time to the day as you negotiate your way thru,in and around the boggy bits.
Lots of stone houses now,there are literally stone mountains along the trail so no problem getting raw material.
Interesting thing here when asking for directions is there seems to be no local knowlege beyond about ten ks. This of course makes it hard to pinpoint places…
I have discovered the power of tipping..
Lots of dogs on the loose yesterday in tbe small villages most of whom barked msdmy at us and made sure we never hung around thier property


  1. Shirley Anderson

    May 18, 2015 at 6:37 pm

    I do wonder if you dis the food out of habit- Spain should be all olives and tomatoes, paella and other yummy treats. Where are they? Or is it out of the budget range to expect something better? How you can keep up these daily totals on the sort of fare you describe is the stuff of martyrs. Hope when you reach the goal you can indulge in some decent dining.
    It has made me sure it’s NOT something I want to do!!

  2. Catherine Fleming

    May 19, 2015 at 3:37 am

    I suspect food in small rural communities in Spain, is similar to here in Cyprus. You eat what you grow so at this time of year before the summer veges kick in there’ll be lots of meat and spuds and then the potatoes are predominately cooked as chips and even more so in poorer mountain areas where they may not like eating fish or rice. So mediocre food is the order of the day and decent restaurants probably few and far between for pilgrims as they alway seem to want to go for cheap and cheerful rather than quality.

    However, on walks in Spain along the coast east of Barcelona and along the coast in the north, we had some very good food but there the towns had bigger populations with locals and tourists prepared to pay! Stick to the coast and the big cities Shirley and you’d be fine.

  3. Catherine Fleming

    May 19, 2015 at 3:47 am

    Well done for getting to the counting down stage, Margaret. No doubt there will be a reward of good food and copious amounts of decent wine somewhere in your future.

  4. Shirley – having walked it with Margaret last year I can safely say that the food is pretty rubbish.
    Very little of what you would associate as being Spanish food.

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