Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 45 A ‘Guidina

Don’t make a booking to come here in a valley with a cement works and a large foad making site BUT it does have a clean and reasonably nice hotel…Plus large gins…
We walked 26 ks yesterday by the time we got to the hotel over incredibly varied terrain and ever increasing heat.
After leaving Lubian it was straight back into another pass, another 1300 m BUT some wonderful wild owers,primroses and violets were the standouts. I wasted lots of time taking photos.
An older American couple walked with us,she is 84 and has had nine children,walked the hills…..she scampered along.
A German couple also started with us but she lingered looking at flowers with me and husband yelled T her,last we saw of them…

Out of the pass,which looking at the hills surrounding this place suspect is not the last uppy bit…and on the flat thru nice fields THEN into a rocky arid section That went on and on and damn well on
By this time we had picked up a French woman who was having a bad day, we put her in between us and headed on..she shared her warm coke with me..
So someone out there thinks two kiwi women are OK
Finally saw this town in the distance but as usual took another hour to get here. We were out for 8 1/2 hours yesterday, someone said it should be done in 6!…
Off to Verin today which is not on my schedule but avoids a 34 k day and a hostel…
K is definitely not a hostel girl. Met up with the Dutchman from days ago and we had dinner together.meat meat and chips….what a surprise
Around two bundred k left


  1. Long days girls!!
    The countdown from 200ks begins.

  2. The food is crap…ask anyone on the camino…have paid 50 e and had raw meat but good salad
    Wrong time of year for tonatoes and only paella i had was followed by the squits
    Probably just like nz for tourists food must be as variable for them in NZ we went to a michelin recommended restaurant
    Read Karens review on trip advisor for pueblo sanabres

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