Managed the horrendous pass , not horrendous as fine nd sunny , none of the threatened snow.
So , walked along the road for a time as the EU funded developements for the new TGV route and the new motorway to nowhere has basically stuffed the camino in this area….
We were climbing all the time,eventually we went back on the path and climbed some more…made it to the top but not in Galicia yet…
Star.yes tottering down and joy,back on the road and found a cafe….had a lemon drink and carried on.
Finally just on 3 pm we made Lubian…forget giving us a room we headed straight ror the dining room of our accommodation,lunch was reasonable and the rooms were o k but the bed is is rock hard….
A shower a little snooze and a little walk then a few drinks at the bar , a plate of chips and all seems ok Leo my nice dutchman from Merida is here too so we was nice to have a catch ip with him…no rooms left here so he ia staying on the floor at the council rooms….
Lubian is a lively little town,another alpine village,suspwct quite wealthy…
Really special arriving into this little mountain town and hearing choral
Music coming from the church, recorded but so what,tje church was open…
Stamp ?was their to do our own Pilgrim passport.!!!The priest was a bit if a doll as well….
This town is obviously doing it differently.First pereginos thru here this year was on April 19 so less than a month ago….
19’k today with 25 looming tomorrow and a threat of hot weather again was good walking temp tiday about 20.!!